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  1. Sad to see the old girl like this. And never likely to see water again. While she did have an IOR rating, I would hardly call her an IOR boat. Went really well if the wind was going the same way, and the more the better!
  2. I thought that had died with IOR & having 9 kites in the bow to play on. Isn't the owners daughter now the bowman ex wife?
  3. 11th birthday, given the choice of a motor bike or a sailing boat (Sabot). I chose the bike & got the boat. I don't think anyone realised how much cheaper it would have worked out in the long run to have just given me the bike!
  4. Mind you hiring sailors hasn't turned out too well either!
  5. And hope that all cardboard was kept out of the build!
  6. From (very faded) memory they were built in NZ, by I think, Sea Nymph. There were a few in Oz, at least 2 were regulars in JOG racing out of Sydney. They were both based at Middle Class YC in the early 80s. I have vague memories of there being a couple more in Melbourne & I think there was quite a reasonable fleet on the Kiwi side of the ditch.
  7. And make it go quicker! I used to race one of these offshore, back in the days of JOG or Junior Offshore Group, (my only excuse is I was young & didn't know any better). They perform surprisingly well, & while planing isn't really on the surf a treat given a bit of breeze and swell. A fun little boat for there time. For offshore racing in Oz, lifting keels while racing was banned in the late 70s or early 80s, the 77 Hobart scared a few officials, (and sailors). I can't say that this rule was universally abided by in the JOG fleet though.
  8. About 2 years ahead of expectations! Well done sir.
  9. Hardly counts if the spreaders are dry!
  10. Looks like having members use the club is expensive, profit is up in a year where most services were closed or in "tick over" mode. No wonder they are making things as difficult as possible to increase participation!
  11. Who's taller than they are wide? Tubby!
  12. Grinding on Gretel II, you faced inwards with the wire heady sheet a couple of feet behind you at about lower back level. I remember explaining politely to a particular trimmer how lucky he was that the coffee grinder handles needed tools to remove, about the fourth or fifth whipping of the day. As the discussion was pitched at a level quite clearly heard by everyone on the crew except the offending trimmer, it was his first & last ride on the boat!
  13. That paint job looks more like True North than South Australia to me, but it was a long time ago!
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