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  1. Must be pre-race, all nails present and unscratched!
  2. Haven't seen this here yet, so for those of you with old SSSC's.SSSC extension approval.pdf
  3. Reads just fine from the cockpit!
  4. Did a lot of racing against her, back in the day when I wore white Line 7s that half her crew have in the picture. You have rescued one of the greats. Congratulations & thank you!
  5. And a good reason to drop in to see the kids regularly for the next few months!
  6. Criteria 1 TICK she's a litigious bitch. and bat-shit crazy. Criteria 2 One cross, one tick. How brave/drunk are you?
  7. Never had an Alfa have you!
  8. Does the photo only look like that from down here in Oz?
  9. Simply a legend. A sad day.
  10. Having raced a Farr 40 with a sprit & assys against class legal boats I can assure you that the symmetrical is consistently faster on the w/l courses these guys race, Long racing with reaching legs the assy is faster and the boat more controllable, but the one designs fleets don't do these types of races.
  11. Already had the shots! Also the club is reportedly looking at extending the "use by" dates of the SSSCs for this year as people won't be able to update them in the time available.
  12. They're just used to it! Wasn't considered a good broach until the windex was clean back then. And yep I sailed with a lot of shiny clean windexs.
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