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  1. Moore 24. Certainly changed things for my generation.
  2. It is surprising there is not more activity considering this is the premier event for offshore sailing on the west coast. I see only one Santa Barbara YC boat is entered in the So-Cal 300. What’s up with that?
  3. Nick G

    Wylie 60

    That 11' draft is gonna limit it's SF marina visits.. Don't even think about the Delta. Just saying.
  4. Nick G


    Never stepped foot on Blackfin but admired her at Big Boat Series at the guest dock and Waikiki after the 1975 TransPac. I spent many hours looking through Diane Beeston’s book Of Wind Fog & Sail as a young teenager. But I must admit, Passage was always my favorite.
  5. Yes. Jim worked for Peterson at the time and the boat had a lot of his ideas in it. It was a well mannered boat that was a fine build with no expense spared. Can’t speak to the 29’s - those were built after my time with Jonestown.
  6. I was involved with the original design concept and build in Santa Barbara with Jeff Jones. Raced the boat the first year before the 29's started being built. Would be interested to hear more about your experiences etc.
  7. Nice edit taking out that round up after the main came across!
  8. If you are asking about Damn Near from the Bay Area, there was series of like named boats owned by Bert Damner from the San Francisco YC. There are a lot of people on this site who could help fill in the blanks. Just need more specifics on the boat in question. I.e. length, year, rig/sail plan etc.
  9. Good programs from the Bay usually delivered predictable results. The early 80’s were a great time on the Bay with the Serendipity 41/43’s and other one-off’s like Great Fun, Bullfrog, Bravura etc..
  10. Sorry to hear this news but 101 is a win! I sailed one of Bert's many Etchells in the early 90's with Craig Healy and Jim Coggan's. Bert was a founder of the SF fleet and was a strong supporter along with his son Kers for many years. He also developed Brickyard Cove and continued to be active in supporting sailing in the SF area. A true gentleman and excellent competitor. He left a positive mark in his wake - fair winds Bert!
  11. Irv was not one of those. A proper gentleman and great competitor.
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