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  1. Would be fairly straight forward to use circuit board plating tech to put on a few mils of copper. Anybody try that?
  2. Ineos foils aren't ballasted, maybe these are?
  3. The strap-on toys are pretty cool. An OC-1 or 2 though, not surf ski, you can see the ama.
  4. Interesting question Zonker: I wonder if it would make sense to have some spring / stored energy you could apply that would do a similar function. Put it under tension to lift a foot or whatever and let the natural wave loading move it when its easy.
  5. Happy for Are. Self reliance is a major part of the journey.
  6. I guess the key issue is the extreme broach condition and being able to recover from that. Once the boat rounds up enough that the flow on the jib returns to normal (luff to leech) then the forward force vector (and maybe bow immersion) turns you further into the wind. And since that vector is more forward, it requires more rudder to turn the bow back down?
  7. Leo, I don't understand. Are you saying that if you start to broach and get sideways to the wind, that the foresail will round you up further into the wind and make it difficult to turn back downwind? Seems backwards to me. Can you explain please?
  8. Bummer for Are. Even though he says he was hove to, in those conditions, it's hard to believe he'd have enough way on to bring the bow up into the wind. Get sideways and it doesn't take that much sea to roll. I wonder why he wasn't just trailing warps like Gregor since the wind was blowing where he wants to go anyway? Why heave to?
  9. Is the reef point just for looks?
  10. Heede finally tacked. Now if the high would comply...
  11. Fcst looks good for VDH if he tacks soon, will be well inside the coming lift. Should be able to crack sheets a bit and waddle south with authority.
  12. Waterfront Blues in PDX, every July 4th, rocks. Commander Cody, Robert Randolph, fireworks, we fly a 20' x 40' flag, local heroes tearup the fairgrounds all afternoon, a couple hundred boats anchor out, music workshops, George Thorogood wraps up four days of blues on Sat night. Been doing this for 20 years and it's still a summer highlight. Benefits the Oregon Foodbank, feeds a lot of people.
  13. His Bio is a good read (below). Averaging 1.4 knots and headed for a favorable Northerly soon. Go Yrvind! "To get shelter from the weather I put up some tarpaulins between the apple trees. It did not take long before the city planner was there asking me if I had permission. “I shall only build a small boat, then I take down the tarpaulins and go sailing” I answered. “Have you been thinking about what would happen if everyone did like you?” He asked. “What would happen if everyone was a town planner” I said. That made him indignant. He forced me to take down the tarpa
  14. If you need a place to keep it in Panama for logistics / whatever, I've got contacts in Bocas Del Toro that could keep it safe (vs Colon)
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