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  1. IPad is great in the shade. I have a Bimini and it’s terrific. Without the shade it’d be lousy.
  2. Until they bring enough beer to last me well after they leave, they can buy their own shirt. Gifts? I’m not sure what you are paying to give free rides, but it costs me a mighty amount. If they painted my boat bottom I might feel differently about that. But no gifts for rides.
  3. My CQR was a very good plow. My Rocna is better.
  4. While there are tons of speculative posts here, it’s mostly opinions with no experience with the product. The First Watch radar dome is a fine product. I hope it lasts many years. I don’t regret buying it, never have. If you have Apple phones or an IPad and want to punt on the MFD this is a great way to go. Furuno does make two MFDs for the unit. I’ll get the 7” if I ever see it on sale. You can spend more to see the same stuff. But when the fog came and stayed, I kept cruising.
  5. It’s a wage shortage. If the man wants restaurants and tenants he is going to have to pony up. It’s an awesome time to be a compensation professional. That’s for sure.
  6. I don’t think the open cpn will work with Furuno. All the apps are IOS. I’m assuming. B&G and some other pricier units seem to have this feature. It cannot join a network, it only broadcasts. Perhaps a third party device would solve this requirement.
  7. Half time crew with an attitude? I don’t need help like that at all. I don’t care what you offer. I’d rather teach a novice that’s enthusiastic rather than entitled.
  8. Wifi switching is not a problem. The biggest issue with this unit is keeping the ipad charged.
  9. I’m running a 9” IPad brightness is on full, the gps and wifi are on (connection to Furuno radar, works great) and it is a battery hog. I might go to an IPad mini and perhaps a bad elf to use less power. I assume a mini is less power dependent. We had a lot of fog on our June cruise and wouldn’t of cruised on schedule without this stuff.
  10. Do you notice the using the bad elf that the iPad battery lasts longer?
  11. I’ve only encountered USCGA once at the dock. He offered to do a safety equipment inventory and gave me a sticker when I passed. It was nice.
  12. I’ve used mine for two years. No complaints at all. It saved my butt one foggy week.
  13. If you have Boat US through WestMarine Gold, it’s a $50 coupon when you’ll have a $500+ bill. It’s crap. Unllmited coverage from BoatUs is the better deal.
  14. Garage sale weekend and I should be on the boat. People better come and buy this crap. It does serve moving out of a shitty strip-mall blue-collar Illinois suburb to a home very close to shore.
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