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  1. Yes, Brest 2016. We made 2 videos while we were there. It was one of our best sailing moments. At some point, you should see the late James Wharram with his legendary hat onboard Pilgrim. https://s.streamlike.com/vtpmba https://s.streamlike.com/knvwcf
  2. Season's greetings... https://s.streamlike.com/bzqxha and https://s.streamlike.com/orwamr
  3. 3 kts steady with one scull, 4 with two. Two scullers makes it easier for long distances when we can take turns resting... or apply less power.
  4. I forgot to post this video from the Morbihan Challenge. Enjoy. https://s.streamlike.com/dyfdsf
  5. 6 pages about an Outrigger 26 in Voile Magazine
  6. Bottom lines... Get the full story here: https://s.streamlike.com/eyfzmg
  7. Hello, I didn't miss Trean. She's third in my family album if you count Triple Zero as zero... I didn't know/remember her hull number, though I have lots of information on her ;-) She's the only Outrigger with a pivoting centerboard, a self tacking jib and a jib tack at the end of the bow. The outboard mounted on starboard is unique too. If you don't mind a long drive to Brittany, it would be great to have you on the Morbihan Challenge late in August! There will be Farriers, Dragonflys, Tricats, a Multi 23 and more. Our Outriggers could kick show that Newick designs rule! H
  8. A little family album... Did I miss any siblings?
  9. It's great to see Triple Zero sailing. She's actually very elegant on the water while she looked a bit rough on the trailer compared to the production model. Get her rid of the Waterworld look with a fresh paint and she will be turning heads. Well, at least she will when you start catching up on other boats, which should be most of the time. You may not need a taller mast if you get new sails. Add some sail area with a square top main, get a bigger jib, move the tack forward and down and you'll be light and fast. The work pays off. Well done Anton!
  10. Moxie sort of inspired me to use an extra sheet / outhaul to open the boom angle, yet keep the leech tight. It prevents the boom from moving up and down and makes up for a traveler rail that is a bit short.
  11. It's not a rod. It's a bolt that sticks down from a plate mounted underneath the deck, with a bearing. It means the tiller axis and its arm on port side are higher that the arm mounted on the port side of the rudder case. This is why the hole in the transom had this banana shape. Remember that the rudder axis used to be inclined. When the tiller was pushed to starboard, the back arm would go down and in. When pushed to port, it would go up and in. A vertical rod for the tiller axis would be a good solution, with the arm mounted at the same level as the arm on the rudder case. With a vertica
  12. Moxie had a double mainsheet too. It's simple and light and it allows a long tiller indeed. The problem I see is that you can't make tight turns if the axis of the tiller is too far back. That's why I prefer the distant control with a connecting rod or cables (like most Newick and Greene designs).
  13. Originally, the connecting rod went through a banana shaped hole in the transom and the rudder axis wasn't vertical. There is a gutter inside so that any water coming in through the hole (a significant amount in some conditions..) would flow back and not flood the transom. I verticalized the axis and kept the whole system, with a gusset preventing any water intake. The setup remains very simple, with the tiller axis only inches aft of the cockpit, under the deck and a connecting rod of adjustable length.
  14. It's great to hear of an Outrigger that was off the radar. Speaking of adaptations, it appears several boats have moved the tiller above the transom. It seems to me it forces the helmsman to stay aft of the cockpit. I have noticed that moving weight forward has a dramatic effect on light air performance. This is why I added a folding extension to the tiller which can be fitted with a telescopic tiller extension at the forward end. When folded, it doesn't take any cockpit space. When unfolded, I can sit forward in the cockpit, on the upper benches (where I had the winches removed) or from
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