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  1. I am sorry but I can't come to the phone right now, so unfortunately I won't be able to help you. Perhaps if I can direct you call to our Dept for Cup Newbies, you may be able to self help there, Thank you for your call, have a nice day.
  2. No, time and time again, like pretty much every time a Cup is done he has cried poor to the NZL people and said bail me out or we shut. How the fuck is that a good commercial model. Putting your hand out pretty much every cycle, regardless of the amount proves it is not a successful commercial model. I have no problem with public money going to it BTW, the country does benefit. The way GD does it sucks, he preys on the sporting pride of his country. He is nothing more than a stand over merchant. If Emirates is out this time as I think they are, he is fucked.
  3. That's fucking gold, some of your finest work Strider!
  4. That latest article. https://youtu.be/s-puVOJF5jQ
  5. Good, because they have already proven they are not a good CoR in representing the other challengers.
  6. Thanks @MaxHugen for posting that article. Just got through it. So it seems a lot of back peddling and GD cash cow evaporated. Perhaps they have been reading forums....
  7. Do these idiot journos not look up any history before writing articles press releases?
  8. How is a BullshitAC any different?
  9. Frankly, if I was the NZL gov I would be saying to GD, "well mate, you seem to have your funding so there will be nothing from the NZL people, have a great Cup in the UK and good luck"
  10. What is this bridge event/full event bullshit and why are people drinking the koolaid? Both of them are full events, there is no fucking 1/2 AC, exhibition AC or shits and giggles AC, the is just the AC FFS. Will it really take someone winning a 1/2 AC, exhibition AC or shits and giggles AC turning around and saying, rigtheo it ours now, for people to see this is a bullshit idea?
  11. because the DoG/NYSC wont recognise it. Anyone could still DoG challenge, that is the problem. You can have all the agreements in the world but all it takes is one wanker to piss in the pool.
  12. Yes they could defiantly have some thin film tech or something like that I guess.. Sounds like NO is taking about tacking.
  13. Agree, as I noted earlier with the definition of vessel.
  14. I doubt they measure that during racing. Actually, we need to be less obscure with what we are discussing to add value to this discussion.
  15. Ah yes, you are probably correct, I misremembered the clause. I recalled it as challenging again rather than competing.
  16. I believe LR could use B2 in Cowes.
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