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  1. Was unclear what Max was referring to initially. Why would they measure deflection during racing? Testing possibly. Which Nathan? If it is the parameter I think is being referred to, that would also be measured inside the boat.
  2. No, it needs to be a seperate entity with representation from the teams.
  3. TBH, I would have done it the same way as the first guy. Lots of similar entrances on the East Coast of Aus, always come in just under main, easier to handle when it does go wrong.
  4. I would have thought the sensors would be further upstream.
  5. I just spat rum all over my screen...
  6. Nope, I think Sir James will say sorry old chap, see you in Cowes again...
  7. Mmm fair enough. We used it on a few projects but nothing super serious. Quite a few NA's I know rated it highly. I know they stopped developing it a while back.
  8. How do you have agreements without consideration? I think you're way off course.
  9. Found it, FreeShip. https://sourceforge.net/projects/freeship/
  10. The program that Rhino was developed from (I think) was free and available last time I looked. Buggered if I can remember the name of it though, haven't had it on the last few laptops.
  11. At least you're ethical about it, I appreciate that.
  12. IIRC no it didn't. NYSC told Fay and Connor to go at it which left Blue Arrow out. Then they killed it at 30 knots sending it down the mine. Interesting boat though, well ahead of its time.
  13. What don't they understand about prevention being the best cure?
  14. J's, 12's, IACC. The stakeholers have a conversation and decide. It is a model that works. A team telling others what they are going to sail in future events is a model that doesn't work.
  15. How about just like it has been done previously? This is not new ground.
  16. People keep planing Cups on nights we're washing our hair. (joke) General lack of interest I think. The Oatley family dipped the toe but there was silly business and not much has changed since. I know this won't be a popular comment, but Australians are pretty fair and pretty up front. If we think there is fucking about, we won't play. Remember what we were put through in '83 even though we won. If it was an AUS team doing what ETNZ are doing now, they would be slaughtered by general opinion. Yes to all my NZL friends, the underarm bowl was legitimate, you just didn't see it com
  17. Not that I have seen. Media is busy reporting how we have more arms of the sea right now (massive flooding on the east coast)
  18. Careful about that, we may recall Jimmy to the first 11! (Cricket reference)
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