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  1. He will probably eat that comment, without pasta or meat or vegetables some time soon.
  2. Ye of such little faith. Prada would make a pig look good. Now go pony up and get me one of those Prada T'shirts lol
  3. Prada not being able to show their design style, go wash your mouth out mate. No one could stop Prada having style!
  4. Watching some footage from 32 and having a wine. Some awesome MR back then. The tech is great and all, but...
  5. It would have to come with an FIA approved, 6-point racing harness, or they'd never survive the ordeal, Strider. ....and cupholders lol
  6. I think you're really really confused. I have never asked what CIC is, I know exactly what it is and have done for years. I seriously doubt I have said see you later dude, just not a phrase I use. Perhaps your feeble mind has got me mixed up with someone else. Whilst I do talk some shit, I noticed today that a post I made recently was the most liked post on the forums, so I must talk some shit that occasionally a lot of people like. We all get things muddled from time to time, and I am sure TC is no exception. Must be fucking difficult being as perfect as you are.
  7. SBD made a really good point on another thread I think belongs here as well. Control of the FCS and who can get it. Could it be used to control potential challenges?
  8. That's a great point. It needs to be.
  9. He has posted an image on the twin skins thread. Just looks like over powered luffing to me. Not buying into an increase of RM due to reversed forces.
  10. If my suggestion from earlier regarding a 24 hour challenge period was implemented, it would negate a Mercury Bay situation. Edit, actually I can see one issue unresolved by it. When no challenges are received in the period.
  11. Needs to apply to designers as well.
  12. Is there a summary of him somewhere? Know nothing about him but take your word for it.
  13. The 12M class was an ISAF class though so stood alone from the AC. If your take is what is to stop a team not current under the protocol (a challenger) from building as many boats as they want to, I agree.
  14. I got the same thing from it. As soon as I read this though, "Luna Rossa was the least dangerous opponent for the America's Cup Match", the article lost all interest for me and I now know what I need to about the guy.
  15. così è google translate l'arma preferita in questi giorni lol
  16. The history of the Cup shows us that it is not needed, however I think it is a desirable ideal that could only benefit the Cup going forward.
  17. +1 Those that are portraying commentators that don't think the current is a good one as not wanting stability in the Cup are putting forth a misleading argument. You can disagree with the current situation and still want stability, they are not mutually exclusive ideas.
  18. Nah, just a knock on the defending YC door. It could also potentially lead to an "agreed entity" being put forward by the challenging group to take the load off the CoR.
  19. This is how it should ave looked, sorry for any confusion.
  20. I agree. Perhaps it could can from a group of previous trustees? Not sure if the NYSC would take pleasure in that though.
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