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  1. Random find this... Was in a café on an island off west cork spotted these on the wall, mad it's been 10 years since
  2. This whole article sounds like complete bullshit to me. Just back from West Cork, beautiful part of the country, but I honestly can't see this happening
  3. This is sad, they went from front page news for winning the first race, some great pictures of them leading the fleet, to this. People won't remember the win, will only say, oh they cheated and got disqualified. Not the first time it's happened for us at the games unfortunately :-/
  4. Oh god yes it is, we’re all tired of it here in Ireland
  5. We got the Eurosport 4k channel as a free add on from our isp, it’s great
  6. Thanks @Zaal hopefully it's gets an English release
  7. We have dinghy sailing here all year round, winter series are very popular nationwide, not sure about the warmer bit tho :-D
  8. Thanks mate, there is an old saying here "if you don't like the weather in Ireland, wait 10 minutes" we should get a few minutes of sun at least :-D
  9. Yes, many a time, have sailed there too. I'm on holiday in West Cork next week for a few days, hope the weather holds up lol
  10. Yes, by over a hundred years https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Cork_Yacht_Club#:~:text=The Royal Cork Yacht Club,Cork%2C Ireland.
  11. Sure why not, it's home to the oldest yacht club in the world
  12. We had a bid in for that one, England supported us, but we never got to the final round of bids as Wales & Scotland refused to support us... Fuckers
  13. Good interview with TH post cup
  14. You're welcome here mate
  15. Yeah here's where he talks about it
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