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  1. Final episode, thanks to you Rob & Tom for your excellent content over the last number of months @Mozzy Sails
  2. Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know he’d passed, his book Truth, Lies and O Rings is a fascinating read
  3. I'm sure Red Bull will be happy buying all that IP now
  4. Keep track of his progress here http://mazesp.in/
  5. How much money does mazepin bring? Is he in for a couple of years?
  6. Nice one mate, what are they saying in the media there? Any talk of another Italian challenger? LRPP definitely going again?
  7. You said it mate, nice to see both Ferrari's in the top ten. Gotta wonder about Perez's choice to go for the medium in Q2, it was his only chance. He should have just gone for the soft, as the commentary team were saying, its the curse of the 2nd red bull driver. Well hopefully with a car that's quicker than those around him he should be able to gain a few places
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