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  1. So Trad as Qld Deputy Premier and Treasurer buys an investment property immediately adjacent to a major transport infrastructure project being overseen by her and fails to declare it. I believe her initial excuse was "My husband bought it and I knew nothing about it". That didn't wash. After months of pressure over perceived conflict of interest, Premier says "Optics are a bit poor, best you not be Deputy Premier. But you can stay on for a while 'cos I'm off to Europe". So Trad, despite being sacked as deputy, took over as acting premier. Qld Crime and Corruption Commission (whose he
  2. Nope, pretty much just a diary. Presents a good comparison of Vic hard and early vs NSW light and realistic. Different approaches made no discernible difference to the outcome. Some bleating from Prof. Nancy Baxter (epidemiologist) about the feds not getting enough Pfizer, which seems like 20/20 hindsight but really it wouldn't have changed anything unless she thinks that somehow Aus could have been say 80% double vaccinated by June 2021. Far more important would have been for "that limmo driver" to be wearing a mask. But Delta was bound to get into the country somehow.
  3. But this predatory cunt is somewhat more infamous right now.
  4. Is there any harness that currently has a compliant attachment method? Pointless to have a rule that is practically impossible to follow. The 18s have a class rule or SI or whatever that means they don't wear PFDs when racing, can the new harness rule be similarly circumvented?
  5. Does any disease ever infect 100% of the population? Even if she's right, the timeframe is likely 20 years or so. Even in the US, after nearly 2 years, only 15% have been infected. As more people are vaccinated or "immunised" through infection, it will spread more slowly. An epidemiologist she isn't. The role of State GG is irrelevant to 95% of the population, it might give her pension a healthy boost. Who can name the current GG of any state off the top of their head? For bonus points, who can remember the last 3 of any state? Here are Qlds (I cheated): Quentin Bryce P
  6. It all looks pretty tame, "breach of public trust”. Hardly in the Eddie Obeid class.
  7. Luck, warm sunny weather and the most decentralised population in Aus has got to count for something. Two women fly into the Sunshine Coast and swan around for a few days: zero community cases. One truck driver turns up in Vic: hundreds of cases and weeks of lockdown. Hmm…
  8. Since there is no plan what–so–ever for Qld to open up, then any support for reopening is rushing it. The most effective step in avoiding hospitalisation is to get people vaccinated, yet Qld lingers near the bottom of vaccination levels by state. If not for the recent scare of a couple of community cases, likely rates would be even lower.
  9. "Ms Palaszczuk foreshadowed some potential restrictions, including mask-wearing…" source When you foreshadow a potential restriction, does that mean you're just stating the status quo? Perhaps she missed the memo. Masks have been mandatory in SEQ for nearly 2 months since the lockdown at the end of July. Though you wouldn't know by looking at pictures of various government spokespersons fronting the media. https://imageresizer.static9.net.au/sjDojQJ-C8-yahsPTCi-4_xacvU=/1600x0/https%3A%2F%2Fprod.static9.net.au%2Ffs%2F81b8ae05-041d-49ca-a8b6-5c11eaf2f6b7 There is currently
  10. Surely a good start would be to demand updated modelling? Then start making plans to seek agreement on when borders can reopen. Nothing controversial in that, it just starts the conversation and highlights the lack of current government leadership. But at the moment no one's doing anything so in the ensuing vacuum governments are just making it up as they go (or in the case of the feds, it's all over). In the meantime, we know that when/if ever borders are reopened, there will be a wave of infections just like NSW and Vic. But without any plan of when that might be (seems the 70–80%
  11. In deed. There was a moment a month ago or so where it appeared there was some leadership going on. But then someone mentioned nuclear subs and the feds lost interest. All too hard I guess. I can't believe the silence from oppositions (of all persuasions), surely this is a perfect chance to put forward an actual plan? Or are they too busy with internal politics while the electorate is distracted?
  12. Seems to me they want a sensible plan to open up, not a shut–the–gate NIMBY playing politics with ad hoc decisions based on whatever works best with their most vocal supporters.
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