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  1. Complete bullshit. Claims by Dutch naval architect Peter van Oossanen to have designed the winged keel were never substantiated, though he did assist with measurements and performance analysis of its tank tests. Lexen had been designing, building and testing winged underwater appendages as far back as 1958. If there was any truth to the claims of foreign involvement in the design, the NYYC would have had Australia II disqualified in a flash.
  2. Or they're just trying to minimise drag… Given there's no class rule to limit anything, i.e. SailGP can design the boats to do whatever it wants, why build in a bias to the platform?
  3. Socialism is just a one theory for equality, it does not mandate a particular form of government, hence terms like "democratic socialist". There have been plenty of non–socialist despots: Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddafi, Xi Jinping, Perón, al–Assad, et al. A much better indicator of authoritarianism is the system of government, such as one party state, dictatorship, monarchy (less so in modern times), etc.
  4. There are still a number of restrictions in place for the next 14 days, such as: Facemasks: shopping centres, supermarkets, retail outlets and indoor markets hospitals and aged care facilities hospitality venues such as restaurants and cafés (not required for patrons while seated; customer facing staff only) churches and places of worship libraries indoor recreational facilities and gym (except if doing strenuous exercise) indoor workplaces (where safe to wear a mask and you can’t physically distance) public transport, taxis and rideshare,
  5. So from noon today Qld is BAU. Wonder what happens to those in quarantine interstate, another week or so to go, or are they released early?
  6. Perhaps there should have been a few more deaths so we could rejoice instead? Letting it rip over Easter to spread nation–wide might have achieved that, but the deaths would not have all be Queenslanders so a poor return on investment in misery. The tourism effect was more because other states have closed their borders to Qld and require their citizens to quarantine on return, you can't blame Qld for that. The spread from Qld -> Byron Bay -> 5 other sites in a matter of days shows just how quickly it can spread. Allowed to fester unchecked for another 2 weeks over Easter would have
  7. Indeed, just 8 new local cases on Monday and only 2 more on Tuesday, one of which is not related to the two outbreaks already announced so could be its own little cluster. I wonder what we'll get from today? Control like that is hard to come by. In other news, the vaccination program is massively behind schedule (blame the feds, apparently). I think many have used the "lockdown" as the start of a really long Easter weekend…
  8. The current mob cuts costs (mostly services and funding for those who don't vote for it), at least that's been its modus operandi until now.
  9. The electronics are $3,822 extra. If all the recommended extras are included (trolley, cover, shipping box, electronics, etc.) plus shipping it comes to $48,839 (presumably USD). Add on local taxes, import duties, insurance, broker fees, currency conversion, etc. and it starts to look expensive. I think the logistics of getting onto the water for just one person to go sailing are likely an obstacle to intending purchasers. Certainly not something for beginners unless they can afford a chase boat and crew to assist.
  10. There's a 12 that sails regularly in Brisbane with a couple of 16s, I think they do roughly 3 laps to the 16's 4.
  11. Seems there were twice as many Wazps at the 2020 NZ nationals as Moths at the 2021 nationals. Amac must be happy. :-) https://b43c797f-28ae-4e1d-9f73-0ac627ee6fa1.filesusr.com/ugd/39ed99_dd09d5dcfb1a417eaac7d302a2e080e9.pdf If the club was concerned about the Moth juniors missing out, it could have awarded junior prizes too.
  12. Probably shirt loads. I know of at least one business that would not be here but for JobKeeper and the cashflow boost.
  13. Regional rags scout for attractive females making court appearances so they can publish salacious stories and pix lifted from Facebook, Instagram, etc. and essentially get a page 3 girl for free, plus they're much better clickbait than a single pic. Models, "wellness coaches", strippers, etc. are much sought after and seen as fair game for a bit of public humiliation. Most of the "crimes" are pretty trivial, but nicely sexed up by the paper to harvest clicks. Most of the subjects are likely happy for the publicity. Editors are scrupulous in ensuring it's in the public interest of cou
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