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  1. So I have a boat with minimal space between the gooseneck and the vang tang at deck level. I bought the Vakaros hoping that it would fit in that space vertically, but alas it does not. Can you tell us when landscape mode is coming?
  2. What’s the timeline on all of the wireless Vakaros sensors that were promised like boatspeed and wind? Seems like it will be difficult to enable many of the features your developers are working on without them.
  3. The real question is how deep you would make the keel on a 92-93 foot version of rambler built in 2019 if you wanted to sail it with a bunch of Volvo ocean race veterans. And what color you’d paint it.
  4. Gotta watch the core. Whatever genius put foam above the waterline and balsa below the waterline needs to be sternly dressed down. The modded ones are very fast boats
  5. There's one with a Canadian sail number 5 in Guilford CT now.
  6. Whoops my mistake...Now go fuck yourself jackass The jury is still out on whose the jackass, but it still definitely one of you. We need left hook to drop in here and complete the trifecta.
  7. JL92, You retard. You've said "Il Moro" twice. STOP. The current SFS is Mar Mostro. Il Moro was the fucking America's Cup boat and Il Mostro was the first puma boat. Just shut up and go back to sailing your shitty charter cutrate russian shitbox and leave the facts up to us.
  8. SFSII is Mar Mostro, as mentioned upthread. Trifork is E4/GroupamaTrainer
  9. If YOU know then There's a leaky faucet somewhere.
  10. Wolfpack ex Camper is in Spain, sold to a US team and about to undergo some surgery. Which team?! What kind of surgery?!
  11. Camper sold recently Pirates is still on stands outside of VOR HQ What happened to: Black Betty/Delta Lloyd ABN AMRO White Ericsson 1 Brasil1 TBlue/Sanya? TBlack?
  12. Comanche was in Newport as of this morning
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