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  1. Hi KACZOR, Currently I have a VAL III "St Laurence" it is an updated version of the boat above with a few modifications to the hulls and rig with Dick Newick's help, some ware at home I may still have a full set of plans including the rig dimensions that may be of help to you, if you want me to have a look PM me with your e mail address but no promises as I have moved a few times.
  2. I would not get to excited the kiwis were on the right side of a shift at the bottom mark that helped to close the gap, the next one will be great
  3. would that not defeat the point of being measured ?
  4. if only most of the statements on here were as sensible as this question.
  5. Now that is cool for a 12 year old, will be showing my 14 year old that pic tonight
  6. Sounds like the NZ air force has some competition as the worlds most inept, How is there Navy ?
  7. Here is the metservice marine version https://www.metservice.com/marine/recreational/locations/waitemata it's scary looking at the wellington town and city in KPH with gusts often with 3 digits
  8. Totally agree with the above comment, the boat is worthless tied up to a dock.
  9. The guy on top looks like he's about to take to it with a chainsaw.
  10. Yes, you can see it in all the pics
  11. with that paint job it looks like a whale shark that's been impaled by Hugo bosses keel.
  12. They could have the traveler further up with more twist at the top, this would give the impression of being more open but really just a different set up. The picks above do seem to show this.
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