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  1. just fixed the feed and then it finished
  2. and the info track feed has gone down. Maybe they turned their AIS on!
  3. Will prob be better then the channel 7 shit show
  4. Totally agree. But I was just pointing out that no one has said that they were receiving still.
  5. To be fair we don't know that they were receiving!! Although I am pretty confident they were because it they weren't they would have known that something was up with their system. Unless Juan didn't have it up on the computer which I find highly unlikely. But that been said I quite often don't have it up when I am navigating in inshore where there are lots of boats around. It clutters the screen up too much.
  6. Not surprised that they found invalid. MR was always going to go in there and say that he thought it was turned on. BJ should have called them out on the course and said that they didn't have it on. Then JBW and all the other boats would have heard.
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