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  1. Yes, it is a challenge ... Regarding the flex issue, I only sailed with them once. They complained that the boat flexes, not dramatically but somewhat. The Soto is built in glass-fiber for a budget, and inshore oriented. I believe that the rating could improve changing the PBO shrouds for Nitronic50; the weight difference in a 40 footer would be negligible. Yet I have no clue regarding its ORC rating. Good luck,
  2. In the price region you mention and around 40 feet there is not much ... unless the boat is over 15 years old. And on top, you want inshore and offshore and good ORC rating, and 20+ knot capability. Whatever you find, please tell me. I would say that if the boat is really fast, there will be light days and strong wind days in which it will shine, but will not be able to defend in mid-wind days. The Soto40 is a nice boat, but the one I know of sailed with both bilge pumps on ... plenty of water inside, not just moisture. Also, it is said to flex ... Not designed for offshore
  3. Ball transfer pump (accastillage-diffusion.co.uk) This is by far the cleanest and easiest to use I have ever seen. Up to 30l/min, and costs less than 20 €
  4. Trigger Release Snap Shackles We use both tylaska and wichard.
  5. Mikel_new


    Rocketscott, thanks. I currently use the Digi Edgeport-1 and have used other USB-RS232 adapters in the past, which are similar to these you mention. The issue is that I would like to get rid of them all and go WiFi or any other mode. Monkey, I will have a look at Bluetooth to RS232 adapters. Bandwidth should be enough since the bus is slow. Thanks,
  6. Mikel_new


    Hi everybody. We have the classical Ockam system with a T1, jumbos, Matrix and the Ockam bus. Works fine. The only thing is that the connection of the laptop to the system is via an RS232 which connects to the laptop via a USB/RS232 adaptor, which works but from time to time fails. Has anybody an alternative solution? The laptop is used for calibration and similar, as well as to run Expedition. Good winds,
  7. Rather than the Farr40, the Farr45 was the first "light" boat with small jibs and large main and spinnaker; carbon mast, .... The Farr40 followed suit, as did all boats after it.
  8. I read that “the Challenger of Record for AC37 will be Royal Yacht Squadron Racing, a corporate vehicle created by the Royal Yacht Squadron to protect the UK club’s members from liability if any financial disasters flow from their challenge.” I thought that the challengers in AC HAD to be a club, when Royal Yacht Squadron Racing is certainly something else. Does not seem legal …
  9. We sail a Farr45 with a carbon mast, in 1996 called Corel45s. When not sailing we leave the mast with the std shims for 6-8 knots, as Samsonite suggests. There is some load on the rigging, but it is clearly on the elastic part of its load diagram, so there is no problem with the rig; I would not leave it with such a low load that they move easily since it could lead to fatigue in the terminals. As slug zitski says you could have a lot of settings according to wind and waves but we use just 3 for light, moderate and heavy conditions. Use of the jack is illegal during a race, unless yo
  10. badly ... Choose one or the other.
  11. The ZG100 is a GPS NMEA2000 antenna identical to the Lowrance Point-1 and B&G GS25 They include a compass so that at very slow speeds it does not show widely changing courses, but this compass is no good to drive an autopilot, for example.
  12. Hi there. We sail with a 2018 Forte 215R on a Farr45. True that we use it only in summer, in winter we use older sails; not much use this summer, I am afraid. In my opinion it is a great sail, and the price is significantly lower than an equivalent 3Di; I do not believe that a 3Di would be much better, if any. Regarding durability, we shall have to wait and see. Of course the sail designer has a significant influence also.
  13. The X-119 is a beautifull boat, and very well built by X-yachts, with an Inox structure as was the case for all X until recently.
  14. yOU COULD TRY WITH www.pucesdemer.fr at La Rochelle (France)
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