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  1. Unsure. Can’t find the listing to check. New rudder is primo though.
  2. Old School is very much not a stock Farr 395 below the waterline. They went with a low vcg keel like five years ago. I’m not sure what they did with the balsa but the work was done in Rhode Island so presumably it was done well.
  3. left hook


    Just a little bit of a plug for a friend organizing a regatta. The Edlu Race is a 32 mile distance race on LIS the weekend after American YC Spring Series in a few weeks time. So far there are 3 J/88s entered in the event and a number that seem interested. The OA has said that they'll give the 88s a One Design start if they can get 5 or more boats entered. Just thought anyone on here might want to talk or think about it. Yachtscoring site here: https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=3041
  4. They're just arriving in the starting area now. About half an hour their warning gun. Needed to get refueled off of cape Canaveral because they nor up all their gas pushing to be on time. Whoops. Almost turned into the longest Vanderbilt ever. Vmg running down the florida cost looks like no much fun.
  5. Hope there's time for the crew to take a dump on a stationary toilet before having to head out the start of the race.
  6. That's cutting it a little close...
  7. Clearly you haven't seen Espo's cement shoes have you? They're very real - I've been threatened with them once or twice so that I'll provide more righting moment on the rail
  8. Damn, you change your name as often as I change my avatar. You definitely need more practice being Snaggy. Try typing with your left foot. uttweurdoiu'poi better with the hook i think
  9. Just built the shed 12 feet longer so it hangs out over the gas dock
  10. Expo asked me why I didn't bring Edith with me, I explained my car wasn't able to hold her and all of her 7 multiple personalities. Saw a few good people from MBYC at the shindig though. They really are some of the nicer, more hospitable people out there and I really hope the regatta is a huge success next year.
  11. "No! I don't want your millions!!" Cmon
  12. Full fat cannolis served at the expo-mas party last night. No weight limits in Raritan Bay.
  13. Groupama70 + zoom Rudders are something special.
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