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    So the deliveries go quickly... nothing wrong with that.
  2. Sounds like I need to add this regatta to my wish list for 2014
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    Don't worry, we were
  4. left hook


    There were other factors at play with that as they investigated, and ruled out, production in China. Sounding like a late spring/early summer launch for the 88. Definitely going to be looked at by people wanting to do DH distance racing without the full-on aspect of say a Mini or Class 40 (not that there's anything wrong with them). Sort of a walk-before-you-run DH boat.
  5. Awesome stuff CMS, really really great.
  6. <hijack> Speaking of awesome photos, what happened to those MBFS weekend 2 photos? </hijack> You Talkin to me? If so I need more info... No, He's talkin' to me. I'll get them finished shortly. You can blame the delay on Sandy. Basement flooded and I need to get that machine hooked up again. I've been working on Day 3 shots - there are lot's. I need a new network card for that machine or something, it's not getting an internet connection via hardwire. The IT department (wifey) has spent hours trying to figure it out. It is driving us nuts and we are never home to wor
  7. <hijack> Speaking of awesome photos, what happened to those MBFS weekend 2 photos? </hijack>
  8. FOP, I'm going through your old photos and a lot are missing. Did your hosting website go down at some point?
  9. Having trouble embedding youtube videos using the bbc for media or youtube. Ex: Trying to post this video using the media tags gives us just a link
  10. Eh, the last time I made a post with a sock puppet was over the summer when I got sailor90 all wound up in the bella mente thread. That was fun. Plus the mindless shit slinging that SSI does isn't really my style. and hack
  11. That's what I'm talking about...
  12. Great videos. That's how OTW reporting should be done.
  13. It does have it's moments (417): Last thing I remember was wondering why there was a mirror on the wall behind the urinal and then realizing I was pissing in the sink. Now who hasn't been here? I am proud to say that I have pissed in a sink in a dorm bathroom at Yale. One of my finer moments I might add.
  14. 443 is Baltimore MD Area. Sounds like an Annapolis sailor.
  15. (+79): You disappeared for an hour and showed back up with handfuls of bratwursts and yelled at my girlfriend that if she didn't eat them, that the nazis win (541): I've watched enough of my roommate's imported Japanese satellite to know when the exchange students are calling me a whore.
  16. J108? Am I the only one who hasn't heard of this boat? Like a J/109 with a centerboard and no horsepower
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