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  1. Great videos. That's how OTW reporting should be done.
  2. It does have it's moments (417): Last thing I remember was wondering why there was a mirror on the wall behind the urinal and then realizing I was pissing in the sink. Now who hasn't been here? I am proud to say that I have pissed in a sink in a dorm bathroom at Yale. One of my finer moments I might add.
  3. 443 is Baltimore MD Area. Sounds like an Annapolis sailor.
  4. (+79): You disappeared for an hour and showed back up with handfuls of bratwursts and yelled at my girlfriend that if she didn't eat them, that the nazis win (541): I've watched enough of my roommate's imported Japanese satellite to know when the exchange students are calling me a whore.
  5. J108? Am I the only one who hasn't heard of this boat? Like a J/109 with a centerboard and no horsepower
  6. I vote for not duct taping me to a chair and lighting me on fire. That means you cliffy. i'm going to epoxy your ass to a chair at the kiddie's table........... video or it never happened... I was there. Actually I helped put him out with my shoe. It happened, but I would like to see the picture anyway. I think that one of the guys present took photos during the ordeal but they were of unusable quality.
  7. I sense a new holiday tradition.
  8. Twas the night before Ex-Mas, and all over SA... not a poster was stirring... not even JT. The sockpuppets all hung up and logged out of with care... in hopes that the mods wouldn't ban them this year. The newbies were nestled all snug in their beds... while "fuck off! and show us your tits!" danced in their heads.... Finish it.
  9. His spelling does in fact remind me of a certain someone:
  10. Always look on the bright side of life...
  11. Campus is DEAD this weekend. Everybody who put off studying is actively freaking out and barracading themselves in the library in preparation for exams which begin monday. Last night was the last hurrah for the semester. I'm finishing up my final projects this afternoon and enjoying myself this weekend.
  12. Ware dowe voete?? I vote you guys burn him in the front yard. Post pictures as a warning to others. Crucifixion seems more appropriate given the season and all. And if the hose doesnt reach we can piss on him and call it art. Don't forget to wear something to keep your head warm! It can get cold at night!!
  13. Expo is decking the halls (while petey's shaving his balls) for the Ex-Mas party tomorrow night. Who's showing up? I figured I would make a guest appearance to brighten up all of your holiday seasons. On another note, it's a shame we haven't had much snow or ice so far this december. Without an incompetent landscaping company to provide us entertainment by breaking Pitmans ankle we are going to have to figure out another way to keep ourselves entertained. I vote for not duct taping me to a chair and lighting me on fire. That means you cliffy.
  14. BJ Never said anything. I got that from snaggy when I asked him point blank if he was a sock puppet. The answer was unequivocally no.
  15. I assure you all, Snaggy is not a sock puppet and he is happy to be recognized as his own entity. I would imagine he will never out himself unless he himself wants to and in that case he will likely do it in a person by person basis.
  16. Gouv, take that shit to Smut Anarchy will 'ya? Geez...... I believe that would be called choking a chubby...
  17. Much like Zorro, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Chuck Norris or Santa Claus the true identify of Snaggletooth, while known to some, should never be publicly revealed and death to those that do.
  18. My assumption is Snaggy is a 105'er. I was also out sailing at MBFS and didn't hear anyone overtly misspelling. If you pay close attention to his posts he actually told us what boat he sails on (not directly but with obvious clues) way back in the spring of 2010.
  19. Snaggletooth is indeed his own entity and empirical data exists to that fact. He is NOT a sock puppet. Footlong, though I suspected him for a long time, is not Snaggletooth (though he knows who snaggy is and won't tell me or us!).
  20. Snaggletooth and I made many plans to get together for brews this past season, all of which he flaked out on... much to my personal insult
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