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  1. Whippy pole? Really? I fly my code 0 off the pole, tensioned up to run up to about 12 knots so far without any significant bending. From my perspective it has been anything but. Can't imagine, Polaris, the pole snapping, nor has there been any evidence of any such issues I've heard of. Does your pole deflect in any direction in a noticeable way? I'm not talking about it snapping so much as I am about controlling the motion of the pole tip so that as much of the force from the sail goes into forward momentum as possible. Also a purpose of a bobstay on the pole is so that, when flying
  2. This seems to be the picture painted by the various distance racing 111's around who have experienced hard reaching conditions with a kite up such as Blast in the Marblehead to Halifax Race (who rounded up numerous times in 12 kts just off the beam while trying to carry a kite), the account above and my personal experience with the boat. Apparently they broke their rudder, although I guess it wasn't fitted properly from the factory I was speaking more towards what they were doing before they lost the rudder which was sailing right on the edge with a kite and going slow/wiping ou
  3. Boats have been fitted with bobstays already and they do help.
  4. This is one of the few times I do agree with you. The pole is very whippy on this boat and a properly sized bobstay (so it's boned tight at max extention) is a must even for simple W/L's as the sprit does move around a lot.
  5. It's interesting that you've come to this conclusion as well. In my experience with J/111's, both first hand and from other peoples opinions, it sounds like when power reaching in moderate (say 8+) knots of breeze where you'd be overpowered with a kite that a Jib Top or reachy cut Code Zero would be an adequate solution. For instance in this years Around BI race we were very overpowered with an A1/3 strapped in as high as it would go in only 9-10 knots of breeze. I suspect that in 10+ knots of breeze and above a Jib Top would be the right sail to have in order to keep the boat on its feet and
  6. Does the new Munkenbeck sport the same distinct look as the old 109 did? yep but it looks better than the 109 I would agree, the lower freeboard of the J111 hides the 'orrible silver foil better ! I bought the J109 and my first request was to remove the foil, it took a whole week to remove it as it dis-integrated. The upside is that the gelcoat was immaculate. EDIT: Images of the 109 in it's original trim on the owners website (he's an architect) J109 Munkenbeck The black painted mast, boom and sprit I do like - I really think the boat looks better in white Good
  7. Does the new Munkenbeck sport the same distinct look as the old 109 did? yep but it looks better than the 109 Cool. Always good to see a boat that's not just white. Can you help us with a prospective of what the 109 looked like? I love interesting paint jobs...
  8. Fill in the blank. Espo is a _____. A) wasp kitten c) Dick d) urologist
  9. The man just wont quit. I was walking down the street in Newport back in June and he nearly ran me down with his bike. DICK! Not to mention the heinous sight of him in riding spandex. I went out later and poured goslings in my eyes to stop the burning.
  10. I only reason he spoke with you was you were the only one around him and he him didn't want to look stupid standing by himself

  11. LH Give us some details on what you saw of the 111's on the course. Conditions? SPeed relative to 122's upwind and downwind? Thanks I cannot as I was paying more attention to our performance than the other fleets to give an accurate reply. There are some video recaps on the NYYC website, and it appeared the 111's and the 122's were mixing it up pretty well. I can't speak too much since I wasn't there, but it looked like the 111's were beating the 122's boat for boat in some races with the Summit 40 way out in front of everyone in their class. Sorry you guys coul
  12. LH Give us some details on what you saw of the 111's on the course. Conditions? SPeed relative to 122's upwind and downwind? Thanks I cannot as I was paying more attention to our performance than the other fleets to give an accurate reply.
  13. I watched Andiamo and Wicked 2.0 plane by at NYYC Annual Regatta yesterday in 15-20 kts. Looking like lots of fun.
  14. Now that I've spent the last 24 hours sailing the boat I can offer some insight. Very quick in the light. Surprisingly so. Even when we were completely becalmed for 6 hours we never completely stopped moving Reaches like a scalded cat. An outboard track for sheeting is your friend here. Soooo gucci. Code Zero set off the end of the fully extended pole is not a bad setup either and helps when (broad to close) reaching under 10. The bobstay just needs to be seriously strong. Whip effect on the pole was negligible when it was out. Downwind on a slightly-wider-than-beam reach in 10-15 we pac
  15. I think i may know where this came from... That's a NJ area code isn't it.... I think we need more information Kevin!!
  16. What you get for spilling your mouth and the RUM all the time... Be nice Bill!! There are people watching now....
  17. I'm really really looking forward to my first breezy downhill slide on a 111. My current boatspeed record is 16.8 and I'm looking to go higher
  18. I heard that the Avatar had taken Chaos heavily sedated to see a shrink. The combination of his Patriots not making the playoffs and the YouConn girls losing to the Irish pushed him over the edge. Fortunately, the Husky men did prevail. God be praised...
  19. Doom & unmitigated failure. Are you feeling well?
  20. With six crew, I thought the boat was quite manageable. We slept and ate well. Crew (of 6 total) commented how comfortable the boat was. We used the code zero a lot in light air forward-of-the-beam sailing, worked great. We had stay sail up with the big runner all the time when the breeze was getting past mid teens. We also have a light air #1 head sail that performed very well upwind. The last day when the winds finally became what we were rated for, the sailing was absolutely epic. The boat was continually planing and surfing big waves. We spun out a few times of course, but the boat doesn'
  21. Solosailor/Ragbag. Could you give us some idea of the speeds you were doing downwind in different windspeeds and did the boat tend to stay on her feet when the wind got up? What sails did you use in what windspeeds and how you liked that nifty code zero you have setup. Also, after doing 700 offshore miles worth of racing in one sitting are there any comments/changes in regards to how the boat is for distance racing? Is it functional an offshore boat or are there modifications you would do before taking it on a distance race again (for instance adding pipe type births or removing the furle
  22. Call me a J/Boats fanboy but that wheel is a whole lot of sexy.
  23. Winter cannot POSSIBLY be this long

    1. Larry


      Hi, Gina. I wondered if your dad got to see the photo of Spitfire on the thread. Thought I'd ask here instead of there. - Larry

  24. (703): She said she couldn't find my penis because my arm was in the way. That was my penis (1-703): Every man deserves at least one moment like that
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