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  1. "Responsive Design" has been the norm for ten years. This seminal article by Ethan Marcotte was hugely influential at the Interesting read.
  2. The guy who maintains the website for my business told me a couple of years ago that it needed to be redesigned to be mobil friendly. When I said that I regularly received compliments on the site he said it didn't matter. Google wanted it mobile friendly. Google gets what Google wants. And I get out the checkbook . . .
  3. No need for a boom gallows when you can just use an old mattress.
  4. Yes. I live in Bethlehem, PA and work in Flemington, NJ. Riverside is much closer to both than Rock Hall. The winter maintenance and chores are much easier to accomplish here.
  5. My ex-business partner and I brought Easy Wind up to Riverside, NJ on Friday and Saturday. Crossed Swan Point bar at high tide in the wind and rain at 1st light Friday morning then sailed up to the Elk into a stiff northwesterly breeze. Spent Friday night in Chesapeake City then headed up the Delaware on Saturday. Good foulies and long johns were indeed the name of the game.
  6. I can't speak to the legal requirements. But the boat itself should be fairly easy to sell if you get that stuff worked out. When I bought my 2013 J53 in 2017 there were only 3 for sale on the East Coast. I looked at the one being brokered by Atlantic Cruising in Annapolis and I made an offer. I ultimately withdrew and passed on the boat when I was later told that the licensed captain the seller used to sail the boat for him had run into the Bay Bridge and damaged the mast. Just a minor issue they said. Plus ACY was pretty pissy about the whole thing and I decided against having to
  7. There is a boat for that too. After extensive sea trials it turns out that with Chubby Girls floating might be optional.
  8. I will take the John Deere. Looks like a late 30's 'B' maybe.
  9. I imagine whoever follows his progress will be be known as a chubby chaser.
  10. "A wedding cake catamaran 3 tiers high blasted past us to occupy the single space remaining at the head of the creek. 5 "bros" clambered out practically shouting at each other. They jumped in their powered dinghy and zipped up and down the creek shouting like morons. The bugs came out and chased them into their cabin." The clowns must have jumped into the spot we left late Friday morning. We had the head of the creek to ourselves Wednesday night through that morning when a small power boat pulled in around 9. One boat was anchored right at the confluence with the Wye w
  11. We passed on the Oysterboys concert in Shaw Bay today. The wind was just too good.
  12. Yep. Easy Wind. Leaving St. Michaels for Rock Hall when the 1st Mate gets up. Should be another nice day out there.
  13. Wednesday we sailed from Solomons to the Dividing Creek off the Wye East. Got an early start. Wind was steady around 10 - 12 kts. out of the northeast. The heavy downpours were from just below Cove Point light to the mouth of the Choptank. By the time we passed Sharp's Island light the rain much much lighter Spent yesterday in the Creek and will head to St. Michaels today. This trip is the first with a Balmar SG200 in place. Have been following the other thread on that.
  14. The 1st mate and I walked the boat after making an appointment. She would take it. As long as we were thumbing through the Wishbook, I told her I thought the Outbound 56 was a more practical ride. Then I asked the French engineer from the design team about the lack of a Nav station, especially on a racing vessel. His reply was that the race planning, etc. would be performed on a laptop. Finally, I spoke with one of the salesmen about the sale price, just for shits and grins. The sail away price was about $1.2M, although they could probably come down to $1.1.
  15. Osprey Poit Marina, Swan Creek, Md.
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