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  1. Great videos! Been there and done all of that, numerous times. Biggest difference I see from 1st group vs. 2nd group of videos is the boat stays much flatter into and out off the manouvers, thus maintaining better boat speed. The tiny rudders (looks like one of Axel's rudders which are even bigger that the Ovington rudders) is if there is not at least 5-6 kts. of boat speed over the foils, they absolutely do not work at all. So you have to maintain boat speed through the manouvers and use sails to turn the boat. When caught in irons and boat reversing, remember you are backing up so need
  2. I think North with 3DI technology according to a JB report in the. FX tuning thread.
  3. Thanks JB, Great stuff as usually. A couple days will help get head around some of this. Amazing art of invaluable info. here. Takes awhile to absorb some off it, like your dad's books. Thanks again, and keep it coming.
  4. Be sure it's on here though, listening from afar!
  5. https://www.vrsport.tv/documentary/videos/a1921-fourteens-are-forever For those with VR sport
  6. Not mine, I wish, but figured you might enjoy
  7. Benn looking for this one for a while, finally found it again. Enjoy
  8. Yep, Early sailing camp and a kid. Rebels! then Jet 14s and Thistles (the 14 connection). On the MORC and IOR, T-10s. Now on west coast still sailing skiffs and OP Big Boats
  9. Winner! Grew up sailing on that river and out front.
  10. Right country at least!
  11. Doubt anyone will get this one, at least not quick
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