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  1. DDW

    head replacement- suggestions?

    See this is what I'm talkin' 'bout. Here's a complete list of what I did to my two Lavacs in 10 years: Yep, that's it. No failures, no leakage. No lubing, no olive oil, no taking apart or putting together.
  2. C'mon now. We been through all this. There was a time when stone knives and bearskins was all we had. That was then. This is now. We've evolved. There are better ways to tie a boat up than wrap a vine around a stick. That is why every boat you see has cleats on the deck, not sticks lying on their sides. Especially nasty, splintery, pressure treated wood sticks. Tying a boat to Bull rails is kinda like fighting SARS-CoV-2 with leeches and medicine sticks. You can try it, but it isn't effective. Much better to use steel forgings and a little mRNA.
  3. The outsourcing of critical infrastructure is a widespread problem. I wonder if that is the reason cleats are unavailable in Canada, they all seem to be made in China. In the vaccine world it does appear to be "every man (or country) for himself". I got the second shot of Pfizer about 3 weeks ago now. There was about a 2 day loophole in the California distribution system (which has generally been a total cluster fuck) that I managed to jump through.
  4. If you have the temp sensor on the alternator, you can let that set the charge current rather than guess or experiment with the belt load manager. The 614 does a pretty good job of this compared to Balmar's prior efforts, it will hunt a bit and then settle down at the alternator frame temperature that you set. There can be quite a difference in output just bumping the temp limit up a bit.
  5. If you are using plastic, UHMW is a better choice for the bushing than acetal, but better still is PEEK. The CJ bearing I referenced above would be much stronger and longer lived than any plastic.
  6. Perhaps this thread title should be changed to "Looking forward to the invention of Covid vaccine in Canada". After doing a much better job than the Trump administration in controlling the pandemic, Canada appears to have gone off the rails in vaccinations. Maybe they put the Bull Rail committee in charge? I am headed back shortly toward the Land of Bull Rails, having found a mark to deliver my boat across the border. Logistically complicated as the boat (this is the trawler) has to be recommissioned and launched, driven across the Haro and cleared through customs, then I have to immediately haul it again in Washington to do the bottom work and other upgrades (planned for over a year ago). I'm trying to list from memory all the things that need to be done, valves that need to be closed or opened, breakers on or off, etc. so it doesn't sink. But at least at Roche harbor I can reacquaint myself with the horrors of bull rails - although Roche has a combination of those and ugly wooden cleats. I think that is to ease the shock as you decend the docking hierarchy heading NW.
  7. DDW

    head replacement- suggestions?

    I always have trouble estimating wave height, but yes, out in the ocean in a fully developed 35 knot seaway. At some point just staying seated on a head becomes challenging. Actually I think the worst motion we've ever experienced was going upwind in 35' deep Lake Erie in 30 - 35. Waves probably only 8 or 10' but very short and steep. The head still flushed. The way the Lavac works, the only thing that will keep it from flushing is sucking air in the seawater intake or conditions so extreme that the pump sucks air from the bottom of the bowl. The former could be an installation problem, the latter would be a severe knockdown or rollover. In that case I would have just gone in my pants, toilet doesn't need to flush.....
  8. DDW

    head replacement- suggestions?

    Not true on the ones I have. But there are a few factors in installation that are critical in them working well as noted above by Suider. Also some operator problems. It is an extremely simple system, not much to go wrong or leak once installed correctly and operated correctly (which isn't difficult). All the other heads I have seen have sliding seals, rotating seals, piston seals, etc. These always fail and leak, only a matter of time.
  9. I'm waiting for Wakespeed to do a Victron Connect type of phone app for configuration and monitoring. They better do it soon, if Victron enters this market they will put Wakespeed out of business.
  10. DDW

    head replacement- suggestions?

    In a manual head, I don't know why anyone would install anything but a Lavac. I've been told that the Raritans and Grocos will last a long time, you just need to rebuild them every time they start leaking or once a year, whichever comes first. On the Lavac, every 10 or 15 years you may have to replace the pump diaphragm and valves (about $60 for the pump rebuild kit - it is a standard Henderson Mark V). It will never leak, the pump just becomes less efficient. In an electric, the powerboat guys swear by the Raritan Marine Elegance.
  11. Like I said, that's how the bearing guys talk. In fact any sleeve bearing has clearance, and that means the pressure is going to vary from zero to a peak on the line normal to the load. But that may also be why they allowable stress is usually quoted lower than the compressive limit of the materials. Something like Delrin is squishy enough it may behave almost like a fluid. On a pressure lubed bearing, the journal floats on the hydrodynamic pressure, so the pressure metaphor is valid.
  12. If the axle is 3/4 diameter and 3/4 wide, you've got 9/16 in area (that may seem odd but that's how the bearing people do it). 450 sq ft sail has maybe 800 lbs halyard tension, x2 on the bushing so 1600 lbs / 9/16 is 2800 psi. The limit for Delrin (acetal) is usually given at around 2000 lbs. I was going to send you to McMaster for a PTFE nomex bearing but they seem to have stopped selling them. A Tristar CJ bearing trstar.com is the sort of thing you are looking for. Bore your existing sheave and press in the bearing. It is what Harken uses for high load sheaves. Should be about $4. They are self lubricating and require no maintenance, take a dynamic load of about 30,000 psi. Not sure who has inventory anymore, might have to give them a call. I may have some kicking around the shop as I buy them 100 or so at a time, depends on exact size.
  13. DDW

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    Huh? don't follow that at all. If the blocks were frictionless that car would shoot to leeward. And it would let the mainsail up, not pull it down.
  14. The 614 will trip out of bulk and absorb into float early, it takes a lot of manipulation to not have that happen. There is one setting for bulk -> absorb, another for absorb -> float, and yet another for float -> bulk. It just makes guesses at these from field currents. Do you know at what currents or SOC it is switching to float?
  15. How big is the sail and how big is the axle? Those will determine the load on the bushing. The best implementation would be a larger fixed SS sleeve which is pinched by the fixing bolt such that it cannot rotate, and a PTFE/Nomex bushing. That's about $10 - 15 worth of materials. If sticking with plastic, PEEK is a better choice than Delrin for anything but light loads.