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  1. Yes, it is a Seabreathe! But not the floating, rather the deck unit without the enclosure. I mounted it in a Pelican case myself with the battery. Looking at the website now it looks kinda expensive, don't remember what I paid. But it is all quality stuff. 316 stainless quick connects, good hosesand hard anodized aluminum compressor, about 8 years now and nothing is corroding. Considerably more compact that some of the pictures being posted. I'm sure you could assemble something for less.
  2. Trying to remember the brand. It was built by someone in Canada, nice high quality kit. Uses a diaphragm compressor with 2 pumps (that bit looks like a Gast pump), one can be plugged to save power for one diver (the unit supplies two divers). Whole thing with the battery fits in a Pelican box that is about 18 x 10 x 10. Not including the hoses and regulators, which are in a mesh bag and take some space. It will run about 1/2 hour on the battery. The compressor has no tank, there is a sausage for air storage made from PVC inflatable boat stuff, floats on the water in line with the hoses. The sa
  3. I've got one on the sailboat, for maintenance and as an extension to snorkeling. 12V with it's own LFP battery so it can go in the dinghy. Used it a few times and it is handy. Realistically unless you are very practiced at free diving you aren;'t doing much maintenance on the hull without something like it.
  4. I don't have a use for the ability to disassemble the Spade, other than it makes it cheaper to ship. That alone might justify it. The best construction ever was the original Bruce, forged out of steel in Belgium. Even when Bruce moved them to Brazil they were one piece forged steel. Most of the Bruce copies are some of the poorest construction, castings with ubiquitous flaws and warpage. A new one came with the trawler and I gave it away on the dock - I was embarrassed to have that thing on the bow.
  5. The Victoria docks can only accommodate 4-6 of those things at a time. Victoria is a big town with a lot of tourist facilities. You are adding 12,000 to a town of 300,000. Imagine the same lot being dumped in Ketchikan, population 13,000. This is what they have to deal with, it is a daily menace with no respite May - Sept:
  6. Steve, an alternative view on the Spade two piece: the anchor shank to fluke joint is probably the highest stressed location in most any anchor. For those with a sharp angle between shank and fluke, there is a large stress riser at the corner nearest the rode. A few anchors round this into a sort of fillet which will reduce the riser, but most do not. The Spade design eliminates most of that stress riser, further, it is not dependent on the skill of the welder. As you know, the Spade does not depend on the bolt for strength, it is not a structural element: once on the bottom and set you could
  7. Cleats = stub your toe. Bull Rails = break your ankle. Your choice.
  8. With Bull Rails, you are REQUIRED to mambo, since you haven't a chance in (Bull Rail) Hell of getting the lines tight. Unless the blocking happens to be placed conveniently, and the rails are covered with Bull Rail Slime/Lubricant, and your lines haven't been spiked by a massive splinter - a rare conjunction of the planets. Now on the trawler, I have these "cleats" than look like miniature bollards. Very cute and in keeping with the fake tug smokestack etc, but they don't work worth a $hit. Might just as well have bull rails. No, actually they are better than bull rails because though the
  9. That is a classic Herreshoff pattern cleat, works so much better than a bull rail you'd be amazed. Now I just spent the summer up in Bull Rail country, and the occasional cleat seemed to bewilder some of the locals. The hitches attempted on it were innovative, though not very functional. So I suppose the support for the Devil Bull Rail may come from ignorance on how to tie a cleat hitch. Watch and learn.
  10. One peculiarity I noticed as I adapted to the electric from gas (this is an ePropulsion Spirit so may not apply to the Torqueedo): The twist grip is bi directional, twist one way and it goes forward, the other way it goes backwards. If you use your right hand it is opposite a motorcycle, couldn't get used to that so I use my left hand to drive. The switch from forward to reverse is about instantaneous, and with a certain amount of authority. Initially when approaching a dock or the boat I'd find myself getting into a panicked forward-reverse oscillation, like PIOs on an airplane. On the gasser
  11. Only thing I want to know is, will the Liberal Bull rails be painted black? And will the Conservative bull rails be source from 'merica? I'm sure they could both be schooled in letter writing to foreign heads of state by Pres Don.
  12. I am slightly ambivalent myself for the same reasons. There is a big difference for example between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan, and one could easily surmise a lot of that difference is due to the large number of cruises that land at Ketchikan and the small number at Rupert. On the other hand, any benefit to the community is highly seasonal - May thru Sept up there. After the first week of October, New Town in Ketchikan must become Ghost Town. It had a very different feel than say Bar Harbor, where the residents dreaded cruise ship day, but took the money they could and then life went on the r
  13. Yes, but the technology exists today to do it. No longer would you have to do seperate cruises to experience Venice, Greece, the Inside Passage, etc: it can all be done on one 7 day cruise. Even today you can experience Paris, New York, Ancient Egypt, Venice, and many others all within a 2 hours walk along the strip in Vegas. At least, that's what the brochure says, and honestly most people can't tell the difference.
  14. I think (and hope) we are moving towards a virtual Cruise Experience. It is there in all but name already. You get on a "ship", it is gently tilted to and fro for few hours, then you are disgorged into a Las Vegas hotel set type stage where you experience "local culture" for 4 hours, get back in the "ship" and go on. That is those that can be torn away from attractions on the ship itself: swimming pools, beaches , race tracks, casinos, carnival rides, water slides, etc. In Ketchikan (population about 12,000) if there are four large cruise ships at the docks, they disgorge 14,000 people
  15. Tis the season for Bull Rail Slime - got my lines good and slimed at two Broughtons docks. That tends to lubricate the splinters to some extent. Now, there is no doubt whatsoever that cleats are more environmentally sound than bull rails. Installed once and good for about 40 years or more. Does not require clear cutting forests (though I realize this is baked into the BC psyche). Cleats rarely fail, but if they do break apart they sink benignly to the bottom, rather than floating around as a hazard to navigation.
  16. A properly rigged spring line does nothing to keep your boat close to the float. And by the way, it is difficult to rig a proper spring line on bull rails. But then everything is more difficult with bull rails.
  17. Gratifying to see that the newer docks in Victoria have proper cleats. As to why you want your dock lines tight, they do need to be tight enough that you can step from the boat to the dock and back. Wrap a line around a rough, pressure treated POS 8x8 and the friction is so great you don't even have to secure it further. Try to move the boat down the dock by sweating in the lines? Forget that....
  18. I'll be damned, you can't say ************ Chuck. Must be the legal indiscretions of the past by the Ed.
  19. Two steps forward, one back. Newest marina in Prince Rupert (Cow Bay) features cleats. Across the border at Ketchikan, also cleats. Then further up the road back to some pretty nasty bull rails. Up thread someone said they'd fished in Alaska for a long time and never seen a bull rail splinter. Perhaps a vision check might be in order. Here is one of a number picked up in ************ Chuck. About the size of a 12 penny nail, potentially life threatening. One feature of the ones here and further on (Wrangell) is they use 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 stock for the rail. Not only a larger obstacle to overcome
  20. I guess you didn't try the internet at Kwatsi (or any of those remote marinas). Growing up with that kind of speed and latency would very quickly drive you insane. 1200 baud dialup was faster and more reliable. I note that the two kids were not there to take over the business. Let it be said that Kwatsi bay is absolutely gorgeous though. Rumors were that Kwatsi may sell to a kayak adventure type outfit. Echo has sold to a first nations group. Sullivan is the largest and most elaborate of the bunch, with some year around income from the float home owners - but I don't have any rumors on t
  21. We were in Kwatsi Bay a couple of weeks ago too. Kwatsi Bay Marina is for sale. Echo Bay Marina is for sale. Sullivan Bay Marina is for sale. It seems like the whole Broughton Archipelago is for sale. Here's another picture, this one Fury Cove. The last one was Kumealon Cove. These were taken by Ferries and transmitted through the Fifth Element.
  22. Don't need pics as I am well aware of how to tie to bull rails. Passing under and two half hitches is not the best way. Doubling back to the cleats gives perhaps the best chance of being able to sweat the lines tight, but still a very poor third to a decent cleat. Speaking of cleats, the newish marina at Cow Bay in P.R. has cleats and only cleats - so there is some civilization in the wilderness. Going to sit out the gale warning for tomorrow here and then cross the Dixon. Two nights ago, in Lowe Inlet, 131' motorsomething with some idiots on board. Came over in their dinghy and tri
  23. Mega yachts are not allowed on the dock or breakwater at Lund. Maybe you were lost? Or you call a 50' a mega yacht? There is a glimmer of hope: Kwatsi Bay has removed the bull rails and installed cleats since last time we were through. Port McNeill muni docks have cleats along with the bull rails, though it is a half hearted effort. Cleats at Echo Bay. North of there not much though. We've gotten to Bella Bella so far, continuing north in the pursuit of cleats.
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