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  1. I disagree, compared to monos they are a bit more expensive but compared to catamarans they are cheap. Probably because few can carry a cruising payload.
  2. @Bruce Sutherland, Hey Bruce, do you have any photos that show the hull sections shape more clearly ? Im curious Dazcat hulls are a little different than the majority. cheers rr
  3. I believe so. My work was mainly instructional, someone had given him poor advice on how to use the longboard, I put some sweat into one hull. I never saw the finished boat though much less a ride. Nevermind, life was all over the place at that time.
  4. Ah yes the Harrier, gotcha. No I wasn’t aware, that’s sad, he was a fine man who worked hard laying the foundations for Multihulls in WA. RIP.
  5. Aah, Shockwave 29’ Galah, I helped Chris Gaudet fair that boat. I don’t think it’s in the west any longer There was another one here as well, was for sale for ages, rumoured to be quite over weight. Good boats.
  6. So what is this, looks sweet, and just my size ?
  7. Agree, 2 adults and 2 kids max, all those double births is just somewhere to put the watertoys. Shuttleworth layout had a lounge in way of one of the aft births, I haven't done a comparison of hull widths but it way work here. Shuttleworth plans $3k ? Kendrick $150.00 Bye the way the design isn't brand new it was lost in computers and only just recovered.
  8. Ray Kendrick has a new design up. http://www.teamscarab.com.au/8.4Des.html Good space, quite smart, wineglass hull, choice of materials. What do you think ?
  9. Groucho, I think number one part of your design criteria needs to be survival on the mooring.
  10. Don’t you think sliding tubes would be more practical and reliable in carbon ? Stiffer and more thermally stable. $$$$ of course but simpler and lighter.
  11. Attention Russell; There are some photos here https://www.facebook.com/tomh151/media_set?set=a.1402421996720242.1073741831.100008573640993&type=3 of John Pattersons 21 foot tri, it uses a system that segments the beam, not a winner for my money but food for thought.
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