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  1. What Eastonmotors said, catamarans are very stiff compared to monos that heel, unless the righting moment of your boat and the mast donor boats are similar your flogging a dead mast. A foot shorter on a cruising boat is of no consequence if your going to race then go for more length.
  2. Looks like it comes with its own veggie garden.
  3. Are all the beams identical front/back, port/starboard ? If so flop a mould off an existing beam and make 2 or 4 new ones. consider using a light lay and joining it without flanges and then wrapping the whole thing thereby eliminating the weak spot.
  4. I repaired the inside of race car wheel arches that were Kevlar, you can sand them nicely with wet&dry but of course you then have to heat gun them to get the water out ! But it works well. (Enough)
  5. Dynel uses massive amounts of resin, massive.
  6. I’ve always wondered if Kevlar veil might make a good sheathing for plywood hulls. So, where you are going for as light as possible and not sheathing with a glass cloth some builders just go with 3 or so coats of resin. What if you just used one soak coat and a layer of veil, it might not be quite as light but it would give the surface some bash ability and protect joins, prevent checking etc and increase service life considerably ?
  7. There's your answer right there.
  8. I used to be a fibreglass laminator, what basketcase said. Good alternatives are carbon, Sglass and maybe basalt depending on the application. Thats not to say it doesn't have its place, just be aware of the downsides.
  9. Whatever fabric weight is deemed suitable for the job, if that happens to be a light weight woven then cut it at 45 degrees to get your double bias. Having 50% of the fibre parallel to the joint is nonsense. Why do you think glass manufacturers produce a range of double bias bonding tapes ?
  10. Just cut the bloody cloth at 45 across the roll, the wider the roll the longer the strips. Sheathing, lay the roll @45 across the boat. If your going to fair out the tape strips the join in the roll is no biggie. For what it’s worth if the original specs say no sheathing and two tapes then sheathing and One tape is adequate. Carry on.
  11. There’s one on the Buccaneer 24 thread somewhere.
  12. I would have thought an aft mast rig with big fuck off cutter headsails ?
  13. This thread reminds me of talking to this guy at a hot rod show about his rebuild, in his words, ” I jacked up the petrol cap, replaced everything underneath it and bought a new petrol cap” Respect on your perseverance !
  14. And https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/glass-stanchion-bases.45046/ cje 2013 ? So what.
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