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  1. Apparently Djokovic is Englands new batting coach, he knows fuck all about cricket but it took Australia 2 weeks to get him out !
  2. From that rear quarter photo it looks like the hulls lack displacement. It looks hard pressed sitting still.
  3. https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/trimarans-30-to-50.56377/
  4. This would do me, big enough for company small enough to single hand and it likes it rough. Chamberlain Cirrro.
  5. I can tell you exactly why the don’t want to hear new evidence LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA !
  6. So while we’re waiting for the outcome can someone tell me how much these “pro” sailors make for doing a Hobart and perhaps what roles a “pro” might fill ?
  7. I’d be very surprised if they would reverse the decision even if it’s found that they should. And who’s the poor bastard who has to go and take the trophy back ?
  8. How much “drinking water” can you fit on a 30’ tank with 2 crews onboard ? The Navy has a 40’ Beneteau.
  9. Just found out Gunrunner has retired. Shock horror tears. Do you think we should petition the defence minister for equality with the Navy ?
  10. So the Navy has a Beneteau and the Army has a trailer sailer, that’s not fair. But there is a poetry about it.
  11. Wow. I’m in Freo and I can smell it.
  12. That main would cost as much as my house.
  13. I would suggest you would do better taking gear suited to the trip rather than round the buoys would be smarter. Should the spares inventory also include a forestay a pair of running backs and a motor ?
  14. Weight wise a spare main would feed the crew 3 sumptuous meals per day for the trip with wine and a port for desert. That’s why.
  15. Scally slowly closing on BJ and putting distance on LC
  16. I did a delivery from Geraldton to Perth, you ride the Leeuwin current south but the sea breeze 25-30 is in your teeth. You don’t roll over the waves as they stand up and have no back so you just drop off into the trough. Very hard on the boat.
  17. Scally moving faster than BJ and LC, must have found a nice patch.
  18. Lol, well I’ve seen a stainless backstay go bang, it danced around the cockpit with a wire head the size of a balloon. That was exciting.
  19. So your saying most have an inner forestay like what Scally used for storm jib. ok didnt realise so many boats had an inner, damn nuisance tacking.
  20. How do you get luff tension with no forestay ?
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