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  1. What is the overall length of the J/120 Mast?
  2. Thanks for the rigging tip.
  3. The bulkhead didn't appear to be wet using a moisture meter. I will know more when I get the boat here and I can remove the chainplates. If it is wet, it should dry out pretty easily. I will post an update when I get into it. The challenge now is getting the mast un-stepped and getting the boat shipped from Maryland to Michigan.
  4. Thanks for the core info. Yup. Euro Trash Girl. The deck is wet around the chainplate. I can fix that but I didn't want to get into a deck and major bulkhead repair. I have agreed to purchase her. Now I "just" need to get the rig taken down and get her shipped to Michigan.
  5. Hmm. As long as its not plywood or balsa core. Looks like rigid foam?
  6. I am considering purchasing a J120. The chainplates have been leaking. What is the construction of the bulkhead on a J120? Fiberglass? Plywood? I removed the lower chainplate bolt and the bulkhead appeared to be a hard solid material. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
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