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  1. Here's a shot of Stars & Stripes '87 (US-55) and True North after being raised. She received significant damage and was sunk in a hurricane a few years ago. She's been sitting in a boatyard ever since, waiting on either a buyer or the funds to come through to restore her. I just saw a report from the folks in St. Maarten not too long ago showing pictures as she was loaded onto a ship bound for RI for restoration. Nothing was said as to her ownership status, but 12 Meter Regatta in Saint Maarten still list her as part of their fleet.
  2. To be fair, the Kiwis had a day and a half with their wing and a half a day with their actual race boat before they were expected to line up for real. I'm fairly certain that a few of the boats will look much different at the next event as there will be time to get them properly painted in their unique liveries. Several of them arrived in Bermuda still needing some finishing work. The Kiwi boat was shipped in partially finished pieces and required the most work to get race ready.
  3. But, they also have a 50% chance of being wrong...
  4. Google's latest creation, the Android uterus...
  5. Simple. Whichever team wins the most races in the AC Match... After the Christmas regatta, I would have told you that my guess for the challenger in Cup Match would have been AM, so I guess my thoughts can be taken with a grain of salt here... ETNZ looks slick in practice and there are reports of her having more speed than she's been showing. Pretty much par for the course for these guys... LR looked good in the semis against AM, granted AM was a unmitigated disaster in the semis. For the most part, LR sailed 4 very smooth races and did a great job of efficiently converting boa
  6. I agree with you, Hog, most people lack the skills (and sack) required to do what he does, but Barker doesn't exactly have an awe inspiring track record in the AC... Yet, like a bad penny, he keeps turning up! in 2000, Russell Coutts handed him the helm for the final race of a 5-0 waxing of Luna Rossa capping off TNZ's first Cup defense (Barker's AC Match record 1-0) in 2003, Russell Coutts handed him his ass as Alinghi waxed TNZ 5-0 to take the Cup (Barker's AC Match record 1-5) in 2007, Alinghi beats a Barker helmed ETNZ 5-2 to defend the Cup in Valencia (Barker's AC Matc
  7. ETNZ did the same thing in BDA. Burling drove the boat and Tuke had the foil controls to fly her on his "bike". All of the other boats were "flown" from the helm. I'm surprised that only AM adopted this approach out of the challengers. LR may have the leeward helm fly the boat since they are using two helmsmen. ITUK appears as though Ben does it all. I agree, seeing close-up photos of the onboard gadgets and toys would be cool. But I'd also wager that the ETNZ guys who were crawling about on Patriot weren't taking a moment to snap photos of AM's proprietary gear as they worked to save he
  8. The fact that the other teams may have seen their proprietary control systems during the rescue of Patriot is mostly irrelevant at this point. All the other teams are so far down the road on investing (from both a time in training and money spent) in their own flight control systems that even if ETNZ, LR and ITUK saw it and thought it was an amazing breakthrough, there's not enough time to develop their own version and get up to speed with it before they'd need it to be race ready.
  9. If you are on Facebook, join the "America's Cup 2021" group. The guy is based in New Zealand and he livestreams the coverage there. I watched AM's capsize live on there.
  10. The rumor mill says launch and test on Wednesday, shakedown and train on Thursday and race on Friday. Is that "real news"? I have no idea. I guess we'll find out on Wednesday...
  11. It was at least 12-14 hours after the capsize.
  12. Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.
  13. Live Sail Die has it on facebook
  14. This should also be the required penalty maneuver. The subjectively bullshit slow down until the umpires determine that you've fallen back enough to clear it should go away.
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