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  1. I’ll let him know you’re trying to get ahold of him.
  2. Sol is well and good. Keeping busy and enjoying life. And looking for a new pair of boots….
  3. We had a red one on Lake Michigan in the early to mid 2000’s. Sail number 35036.
  4. FYI on flares, Allseasons in South Haven has the handheld. I think only 3.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. This is for a J111 so I want to minimize windage. @Pinching nailed it with the windex light. https://www.blackburnmarine.com/product/2124/davis-led-windex-light My previous boat had two small led lights on a bracket and I found a possible source through a motorcycle light supplier (waterproof), but I think the windex light will do the trick. Now I just have to figure out how to feed the wire while the rig is up. Might have to wait until off-season.
  6. Looking for an LED light for the top of the rig to light up the chicken at night. What are people using that is low profile? Thanks, Shorty
  7. I did not get a slip assigned yet and I paid up pretty early. I also haven’t received my certificate and it’s been complete silence from US Sailing (not responding to emails). Since my entry isn’t complete, CYC will hit me with a late fee of $2/foot/day. I imaging they will wave that since it’s related to the certificate.
  8. First race tonight. Good to be back on the water...with a warm coat.
  9. Enjoy your hockey game. I had to retire. Body won’t hold up anymore.
  10. I was sailing a relatively clean race until late morning when I was applying bottom paint to the real boat and I ran aground. Oh well, we splash in a couple of weeks so let the real fun begin.
  11. I buggered off for a couple of days and found myself on the beach on Saaremaa Island in Estonia. Missed the Mark rounding, so time to head south.
  12. I’m out. This game has become way too frustrating. I’m skirting the southern shore with AWA off so as not to run aground. Everything looks good until my heading changes without me doing anything and guess what? I’m on the rocks. Turn to a northerly heading, position moves off the beach, speed shows I’m moving so I adjust heading in the general direction that I want to go and a couple minutes later, I’m back where I started on the rocks. I’m going for a drive up north instead of watching this thing.
  13. I’m in. What else do I have to to until the snow melts.
  14. I primarily use my iPhone. Evenings I use my iPad and I get better resolution as I can zoom to 0.5 nm. Back when we were doing the VOR and I paid, I used my laptop which was easier to set waypoints and use the programmation feature, which it sounds like has taken a step back. It worked well during the VOR, in particular when it was necessary to make a gradual change in AW during sleeping hours (I take my sleep seriously, all 5 hours of it). But, it’s all good. After a long layoff, it has been fun to get back into it. Looking forward to more virtual racing. And regarding @Your Mom’s mark round
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