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  1. Here's a drawing w/ the outline of a dodger shown.
  2. I'll share my thoughts on this as I'm the individual Bob has been working with on this design. Lot's of good points here- many questions that can't be answered. That being said- Bob and I talked about the need for a modern, well built performance cruiser for a market that we feel is not being served- sailors that want a multi purpose boat that they can day sail, cruise, race, camp-out on etc etc. The size we settled on- you see it above. Why 28'? It's manageable from an ownership stand point- slips are readily available- you could trailer this boat w/ the appropriate vehicle and
  3. Has anyone shopped a new Malibu or Mastercraft ski boat recently? Seems to be a pretty good market for $150k-$200k 24’ wakeboard boats that are definitely not being marketed to grandparents. Or perhaps a 29’ center cockpit fishing boat w/ twin outboards? It’ll set you back $250k easily w/ a few options. No doubt you can buy a 28’ sailboat for pennies on the dollar but some people want new boats.
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