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  1. Vogel515


    Sail her hard! Great boat.
  2. Vogel515


    Deviation, Wings, Blondie and Touch 2 Play tried this at different times at Key West with mixed results. There is a time and place for this I suppose. Saw this for the first time while racing in the J70 Quantum Mid-winters. We tried it a few times with some success, but more failure. It definitely has a time and place. It's very tactical, but from our experience, it only pays off in very specific circumstances... this was in 8-12kts of breeze, puffy/shifty conditions It's great for: Staying in a very narrow puff coming down the course for an extended period Prolonged gybes in
  3. Vogel515


    I crewed occasionally on a J88(OD Jib) in Boston/Marblehead and here is what I thought worked best... - weight forward and low - Jib trimmer 100% focus on the ticks, calling out lifts and headers and adjusting constantly then adjusting again as the driver came up / headed off - sheet / car / windward sheet all moving smoothly and continously Only time I felt like we really couldn't hang was when sailing against lighter boats with higher sail/displacement ratios in super light wind. Farr30/Hendersons
  4. Vogel515


    And why can't you just stick the tip of a screw driver in there and do quarter/half turns?
  5. Vogel515


    Once you have overlap, you can maneuver to make a seaman-like rounding. For the boats you're afraid of pissing off, if they let you inside and see that you're going to have to turn way down at the mark, hopefully they are smart enough to know when its good to slow down and come in tight.
  6. Vogel515


    1. You do not need to change the kite in the bag, just clip the sheet/tack/halyard together and pull around to the other side then reattach to the kite. If its properly packed, the tack will be free to go forward, the halyard straight up, and the clew back. We hoisted from the hatch without the bag. 2. I noticed a lot of twist in the haylard on the j88 I sailed in Boston last week... hoist the kite at the dock, if you notice the head twisting on its on, in little breeze, it could be excessive twist in the halyard... use a mousing line and remove it, drag it behind the boat or manually unt
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