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  1. Basil, Excellent! This makes sense. Kind of sailing 101! In my little boat when I'm on the run, I use the windex to see what direction my "wind shadow" goes so I can "point" it on the boat ahead. The windex shows the apparent wind angle as well as the disturbed air direction, this should apply to the AC boats too. AC boats at speed always have the wind on the nose and their apparent going back. I guessed an even narrower angle than 15-20. I see the big difference from my little slow boat is that the AC boat behind on the downwind does not have a "wind shadow" that goes forw
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed, a quick search brought no results. Please feel free to point me in the right direction. Is there? where is? and how big is the "wind shadow" in the current AC boats? I think traditional sailboats have a shadow or disturbed air zone extending roughly 5 mast heights dead downwind. Plus a little to windward of course when sailing upwind close hauled (leebow effect). Upwind in a modern foiling AC boat I'm guessing disturbed air directly behind? Downwind when the AC boats are foiling and sailing faster than the wind I'm not sure where the distur
  3. Launch my Laser in Lake Michigan Near New Buffalo? I'm staying near New Buffalo and looking for a place to launch my Laser so I can sail in Lake Michigan. I found a ramp for $12 in New Buffalo but still have to get under a bridge. What other options are there? I've got a dolly and I'm comfortable sailing off the beach if I can find access.
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