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  1. Sea deck. https://www.seadek.com/brushed-sheet-material.html
  2. LCYC Has cancelled racing for the July 12th date summer series (replacing the two spring series dates). The way things are going the August date isn't going to be good either. FM
  3. I probably should see if SSC is still planning on having it. It has been kind of crazy for Harpoonette and I lately. FM P.S. SSC website shows it on the schedule.
  4. I checked the LCYC web site Sunday and didn't find anything that said so. I suspected it wasn't happening also. That's for letting us know.. Fishingmickey
  5. I plan on making both April and May. This shithead was fishing Lake Fork this weekend. Fishingmickey
  6. It's being scored as a single series event. Nine race regatta best of six races. FM
  7. OK, Since I got such positive feed back about the Stillhouse suggestion. Here's a schedule for you: Read it and weep or rejoice. The 2020 Texas Centerboard Schedule. LCYC's Spring series 3/15, 4/19 & 5/3 SSC Summer Solstice 6/20 & 6/21 Lake Worth SC 9/11 & 9/12, Goatman's regatta AYC Gov. Cup Centerboard 10/17 & 10/18 LCYC Wurstfest 11/6 & 11/7 FM
  8. Vwap, There is the Easter Laser regatta at AYC. Usually draws a good crowd and some really good sailors.
  9. Yes, I have been remiss in visiting SA. Harpoonette and I have discussed about we gotta get a schedule out and we get busy and life happens and it doesn't happen. Thanks for the kick in the pants today Lindy. We don't have squat for the spring. Jim Bowie pretty much nailed most of what we've been considering. AYC has two weekends scheduled for Gov. cup. this year. Weekend one is for centerboard boats Oct. 17 & 18. So the scheduled is so far, Summer Solstice 6/20 & 6/21, Fall Dinghyfest Sept. 19 & 20, Gov. cup centerboard Oct. 17 & 18. and Wurstfest Nov. 7th & 8th. Two
  10. Lindy and all others interested, Most of the clubs will be having or just had their January board meetings. We should have a schedule out here by the beginning of February or first week after. Looking at the usual suspects. 6-7 events, two in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. One Spring or Fall dinghyfest and the other possibility/probability is Ft. Worth boat club is inviting us to visit, Two Austin, Two Houston assuming that CYC is going to have it's spring fling and there is some interest in Seabrook and Wurstfest. Fishingmickey
  11. WTF is it? Looks freaking amazing and maybe a little fast. FM
  12. Looks like a cool boat Jim! Was that you we (Harpoonette and I) met today at AYC whilst ya test drove a MC scow? FM
  13. I think ya got a fun boat to sail Lindy! When I used to race a Laser I was always envious of the Megabyte. I used to ogle Steve W's Megabyte. The perfect foils, Carbon stick and spacious cockpit. It will be good to have you out with us again. FM
  14. Hummmm... What "new to you" TCC boat is it? FM
  15. We'll welcome ya. We may not be known for winning the regatta but we have won a few parties. FM
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