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  1. Except GGYC had a team and resources to actually make a challenge happen. Clothing and pictures on an old 12M don't quite do that.
  2. He is probably getting royally pissed off he agreed to let them use an iteration of his trademarked S&S.
  3. c'mon, they didn't screw the NYYC, my take is the NYYC commode-dor tried using them as some sort of leverage in negotiations with AM, things fell apart and now the NYYC is stuck with them in an attempt to save face...... and those two did the sales job of their lives..... But they couldn't deliver for AC 36, and the leopards spots have not changed, so not likely for 37 either.
  4. Buckley and Taylor jumped at the chance to buy their first training boat for the next AC, and when they heard that the Australian boat that won the cup way back in 1983 had wings on the bottom of it they jumped at the chance to buy one. They then dusted off some ralph lauren gear from the mid 80's and they are off! NYYC is so proud of them!
  5. Highly unlikely there will ever be a OD class of those things outside of Newport RI and the NYYC supported class.........
  6. The only benefit was for Ben, it got him on the boat and his only AC win.
  7. Well, AM is fully owned by two Billionaires, Alinghi owned by one billionaire, so by their very existence they are fully funded. Sure they bring in sponsors for in-kind help, ie technology, components, ect., but neither of those teams has ver had their hand out looking for $$$$ So yes, they are fully funded.
  8. NYYC and s+ s could also send a man to the moon if they had enough money, but with out being fully funded from the go (see AM) they are playing a game of catchup from far, far behind NZL, AM, GBR, or the swiss if they enter. Saying they have the NZL design plans at this point is like saying 'Look out for Tesla, they have Ford's Model A plans'.
  9. Especially given the fact that Alinghi and AM are fully funded and s+s doesn't have a pot to piss in.
  10. Well, now the YC with history, prestige, and money has a 'team' (and I use that word loosely) with debts, no boat, no infrastructure, no team members, and a talking head with a history of over promising and under delivering.
  11. I'm not saying Hutch is the man you want in charge of a $150 million campaign, but in order of who you do, he is much higher on the list than Buckley. As for sailing accomplishments.............
  12. Norcal

    Wylie 60

    So I wanna have a really big cabin house, but I still want to be wet and cold...... WTF?
  13. * Tied for last, remember after $150M they were tied on points with stars + stripes........
  14. There is nothing the flight controller can do once the rudder is gone, the boat is going to try and go vertical.
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