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  1. Arnaud Boissières, aiming for a FIFTH Vendée Globe. The only man to finish four consecutive VG... He is looking for a "new to him" used boat. He is eyeing the boat of Yannick Bestaven or Louis Burton. The goal is to start early, to be competitive, and even have at some point (just before or just after the next Route du Rhum) the opportunity to make a major refit, with new foils most likely. The automatic English translation of the video below is not too bad...
  2. Thanks for the input. You are right, ANTAL recommends adhesive for installation on carbon mast, with Gurit Spabond 345. They also have some nifty tools to hold slugs on the back side to install their track on alumnimum masts.
  3. I am toying with the idea of building a carbon mast one day... (I know, dangerous thoughts...) Among many other things, one thing I do not know is what is the state of the art for attaching a mainsail track on a carbon mast? I know that there is some gluing involved; but is that it? From the schematic below, I can imagine four options: just glue: material science has made so much progress that you do not need fasterners anymore... glue (it cannot hurt) and what I would call "wood screws", meaning not needing a nut nor the mast to be drilled and threaded. Very unlikely;
  4. One could argue that the Olympics are sucking all sailing funding for Olympics classes only, and elite sailors only. And therefore it is not beneficial for "the rest of us". But what is going to happen if sailing is no longer an olympics sport? Does it mean that the meager available funds are redistributed with positive impact to the average sailor (or sailor wanabee)? Or does it means that the funding simply disapear???
  5. I wonder what François Gabart is feeling right now... His old boat is going away and he has (AFAIK) no sponsor for the new one.
  6. For air draft data, SOMETIMES, sailboatdata.com can help. For instance, for the Freedom 36 cat ketch, it states 54ft above DWL. You have to scroll down to get the information. But it is not there for all models, far from it... https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/freedom-36-cat-ketch
  7. I think you mispelled Wright...
  8. Done. Thank you boomer for keeping us up to date.
  9. True, the French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe) have the same democratic rights and representation to parlement as any other part of metropolitan France. And its citizens vote to elect the French President; like all other French citizens. Last time I checked, Puerto Rico, the USVI and other islands in the Pacific Ocean cannot claim the same status...
  10. I got Pfizer shots 1 and 2. No side effect. But because of the Scarlett Johanson thing, I want my money back.
  11. Guy Cotten as a brand is to the French marine apparel market what Jeep is to the car industry in the USA. It has been around for ever and is iconic. "Guy Cotten Yellow" is as recognisable in French harbors as Kawasaki Green on motorcycle race tracks... And for a long time, French professional fishermen only swear by Guy Cotten...
  12. So going from 5k to 1.871M over 70 years is an annual appreciation of 8.8%. Pretty solid, but not out of this world...
  13. And you can have now the modern interpretation of the Alpine A-110. Instead of "mo' power's betta" approach, it went the make it lighter road...
  14. He. Jeremy Beyou was one of the top favorites, with Alex Thomson. Charal, his boat had techincal issues within 48 hrs from the start. By race rules, you are not allowed to stop in any port, except the starting port, Les Sables d'Olonnes. That's what he did, returning back, and leaving more than a week after everybody else, once the repairs were made. He passed half the fleet, but he was supposed to fight for the win... Very different race for him, and a lot of moral fortitude to even restart.
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