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  1. You shouldn’t have quoted me because you took nothing from it, you have no idea what it’s going to take to win the Cup…
  2. Apart from buying 30% of the Mercedes F1 team JR has had nothing to do with their winning, they were winning races and Championships before he arrived to bask in the team glow. If you watched the F1 guys like James Allison at the launch in Brackley, they all talked about the difficulty of the task in winning the AC and the humility within the F1 team when winning. Sir Ben started His team as Ben Ainsley Racing and has run it like the control freak he is, in total contrast to the Mercedes F1 ethos, he will find he has to drop the ego and buckle down to winning it the Mercedes F1 way.
  3. I think it’s easy to say they are whiney and stfu, but we are listening in when they are experiencing extreme G forces, body temp/hydration issues and they are trying to figure out track drying/ tyre life because they are the ones in the car. This time the pitwall was right, but didn’t push it, to the point where everyone was wrong.. We can always turn down the volume but then we wouldn’t get this insight of what’s going through their heads! I can’t tell you how whiney I get what we can’t make the top mark w/o a tack or why I can’t heat up enough to get to the bottom mark sooner!
  4. Good thanks and back at you…been sailing and grand parenting… “just when I thought I was out, I’m back in again!”…
  5. I thought $M30 had been in the initial deal with the NZ gov.? Shirley they are not moving it offshore when there’s only 15M to be arm wrestled for?
  6. I don’t think anyone here would pull all these predictions out of his /her arse and then when they are 100% wrong say that everyone is wrong because they couldn’t be arsed to dispute them… silent bob has an appropriate tee you might like…
  7. I think you missed out the bit where Ron took back control, kicked Mercedes into touch because he said you couldn’t win in F1 without a manufacturer and signed up for 3 years of Honda’s underestimation of the competition. Ron got kicked out of his own company when the Honda was slagged off ruthlessly by Alonso, so that Eric Boullier could come on board and organise an ineffective Renault deal, he got let go for Brown to bring back some Mercedes reality to the deal! Martin W worked for Ben Ainslie Racing bringing some F1 organization to Bens dream world for a couple of years before bailing w
  8. Seb hasn’t won a race in years nor has looked likely to, Bettas on his very best day is capable of beating the current WC in the same car, he knows the Mercedes practices that AM need to learn to have a chance to beat them, or you could get someone who’s never driven an F1 car...
  9. I think Piastri could end up as their reserve driver, it’s a hard sell to pick him over Alonso with next years new rules. Williams released Ticktum a month ago, allegedly for badmouthing Latifi, Russel and Bottas could swap seats. Word on the street is that Kimi is out at Alfa Romeo so there could an open seat, which would be an option for Bottas if he got released from Mercedes..if I was part of the owners consortium at AM, I’d be trying to get Lawrence to replace his kid with Bottas..
  10. The teams don’t want to tire test and the FIA keeps making the cars heavier and more powerful and the teams push every effort to slow them down with Regs by out engineering and cheating.. They paint the tire manufacturers into a corner and then throw up their hands and point fingers when it goes wrong.. the drivers are running over kerbs no matter how big and stretching the track limit rules and then say they have no confidence in the tires when they have problems. I think Pirelli have proof of which teams were cheating the tire pressures rules in Baku and have given it to the FIA, so prob
  11. I’m guessing you are winding me up dawg... Goodyear, Firestone, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin have all ‘done‘ F1 and walked away because it’s so difficult to get ROI when you win every race and the media only cover you when something goes pear shaped... Pirelli have to build the tires that F1 demands, tires that wear out so there’s more pit stops and better races for consumers like you..and me. How much more simples would it be for Pirelli to make a tire that lasts the whole race and never has a blowout. I guess we will find out when Pirelli decide they have had enough of trying
  12. The Pirelli analysis came out today, and I was wrong, I thought it would show cuts were the cause of the failure and it did not. I imagine that the report will not satisfy the Pirelli haters, but I have to say that there have been rumors for months of the teams playing with tire pressures in a way that drops the pressure after they have been inspected by the Officials. Of course RedBull are denying any fault but just like the ‘bendy wings’ they are usually at the forefront of pushing the limits. I imagine that the press will be on it and it will be interesting to see what transpires in Fr
  13. Except I’ve worked in F1 and know without a shadow of a doubt that RB did not deliberately fuck up a pitstop to advantage Verstappen..Sarcasm? look back at your post..you were vindicated...
  14. I’m neither..but way to win an argument where you claim that Team RedBull ‘deliberately fucked up’ Perez’s pitstop to favor Verstappen! One of us is full of crap and it ain’t me...
  15. You’ve already said that if it’s a cut it’s from MV overdriving or using more kerb than others and are ignoring the fact that LH had cut in his LR at the red flag. Put me on ignore, you make assumptions not based on reality, IE MV overdriving caused the problem and RB intentionally fucked up a pitstop on one of its cars! You don’t read opinions you don’t like and I’m not likely to change..
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