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  1. Mercedes sell almost as many cars in North America as Tesla do worldwide. The board doesn’t spend any time worrying about F1, it leaves it to the talented people it employs to run it. Just like it trusts the people in charge of MB electric cars and trucks. There are a growing number in the auto industry who think that electric is not the future but some other new ideas..Of course we are going to have to wait to see what happens in the next couple of decades, but I would bet it’s not a Mercedes last hurrah...
  2. I see the Pinot Noir is still kicking in for the spinbot....causing these epic nonsense posts....you’re still hating on the kiwis!!...though I note you have backed off on that thuggish Brit Ben.. and you still can’t stop kissing TE and lazza arse even though they gave this one a miss.. wanker...
  3. I doubt that moving a couple of hundred players,, physios and coaches with their rackets is harder than 1500 people and a thousand tons of equipment..but whatever.. I see the the Oz GP is on calendar 2.0 for November 21...
  4. ^^^how is this back room games? It’s impossible for F1 to quarantine for two weeks and no way was Oz going to have 1500 blokes from Europe ‘bubble’ into 20 hotels across the city.
  5. Ok...although the conversation was of Mercedes revenue compared to a top NFL team today, where they are similar, and why LH is not a racist scumbag for asking for his market rate and hiring the best driver for his new team Over the years many NFL teams have relocated cities, many because they could not produce the revenue to survive, and this avoided bankruptcy. They have developed their revenue streams over many years..tv money, ads, merch and stadium revenue so that it’s almost impossible to fail despite paying players hundreds of millions of dollars. F1 is late to the franchise p
  6. The only ones who know where the contract talks are at is Wolff and Hamilton, all the rest is bullshit and clickbait as you seem to have found out... for the non mericans, Mercedes are getting a ROI world wide and are spending relatively little now on F1...which is why they don’t care that you won’t replace your Buick with one of their products..
  7. Why don’t you go ahead and tell us how much a top NFL club generates in revenue compared to the Mercedes F1 team...and explain why it’s easier for them..
  8. I don’t see you ‘flapping your gums’ about the thousands of nfl , baseball, basketball, soccer players and golfers who are making more money then LH... but you do bring up the racist dog whistle that he’s not putting a black man in his Eextreme car...he’s starting a team he expects to win from the first flag so why wouldn’t he put the best guy available in the car..who just happens to be white, but don’t let that stop you from tarring him with the racist brush.. you never heard LH say that Ron is a bastard, he doesn’t need to, pretty much everyone knows it, unless you know about the g
  9. No surprise..with the U.K. in a Covid spike and most F1 personnel living there, no way was Oz going to change its quarantine rules. Maybe they can fit it in late in the season if the vaccines bring us back to normal...
  10. If you don’t like what I have to say or my way of saying it there is a remedy...it’s called the ignore feature...or you could let the Ed know how aggressive and abusive I am and have him ban me for being right now and again...
  11. The FIA and Liberty did a great job of getting F1 up and running safely before any of the other major sports and I expect they will do even better next year.. I think Mercedes will win it again next year, but I expect Ferrari, RedBull and Renault will all win races, AM and AT will podium. F1 engineers can usually outperform the regulators so I expect some lap records to fall, Bottas on his very best day can out qualify and beat LH, so I don’t think he is a limp dick..
  12. If you look back at my posts you will see I know how to spell the name but for now it’s the marzepan family. My problem with you is you come here with your Motorsport.com bullshit and expect everyone to tell you how smart you are, but when you are proved wrong you never admit it, you just make up another bs story...Everyone didn’t think Mick was going to Alfa, you just listened to the wrong sources...again. So ..no ..I don’t have a hard on for you...you don’t have the warmth or the depth...
  13. You sure changed your tune since October when I said Mick and marzepan was going to Haas and you told me mick was sure to be going to Alfa and the brat wouldn’t get a super license...and then the other day that the whole of F1 was disgusted with marzepan famiglia! and really Haas playing the marketing game badly! What fucking game have they got...and the “ main issue” is keeping Ferrari/ Haas the right side of the rules!..no..they haven’t had any practice at it the last few years...
  14. I first heard “how do you make a small fortune in motoracing?..You start with a large one” when I worked in F1 in the seventies, and F1 has worked at taking billions of $ from rich people ever since. So saying that the whole of F1 is disgusted at Marzepan is bollocks, they will continue taking the money and hold their noses when dealing with yet another spoiled brat rich kid who can’t stop doing stupid shit...
  15. It’s a fucking disgrace if it happens, helping those barbarians look good in the world is the last thing F1 should be doing and I’ll be extremely disappointed if LH goes there. Anyone who disagrees should watch Frontlines documentary MBS on YouTube before commenting! Trump and Pence know MBS ordered Khashoggis murder and dismemberment and they covered it up for an 1$B arms deal...fucking grifters... I know take it to PA..
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