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  1. And did not some of the loosing team(oracle) take their medals off before they had even left the stage. I’m guessing the winning team did not need man bags!
  2. Not sure it’s been that much of a battle so far. More like a training run for the handbags.
  3. Did the handbags really say they had improved by 10%.
  4. Is this aloud? Or are there rules against this happening?
  5. As far as I remember they were on the last legs with their foils and were worried they could break at any time. That’s what they said afterwards anyway. They were having them scanned for damage every night after racing.
  6. It’s buried in the business section. Found it about a hour ago. Was not long on the “front page “ of their site for long. To quote A Few Good Men movie quote “ you can’t handle the truth...” So they bury the truth.
  7. I agree with that! They stuffed it up just as much as the current lot have.
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