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  1. After several injuries and one death, Peleton is offering a full refund on its treadmills. This is a fantastic opportunity for the 125,000 customers who bought a $4,295 treadmill with the best of intentions, only to have it sit idle after the first week. You can buy a lot of chips and beer with $4,295.
  2. If the tide is right, you could just cut the lines and watch it drift into Canada. Actually this is not a bad idea. Make sure you follow all the rules for importing a product to Canada. As long as no person crosses the border, you should be ok.
  3. I've tried all kinds of ways to keep the dyneema lines tight, but to no success. The line itself is just to slippy. Do you have a photo of how you've done it. Yes, I'm talking about the difficulty of pulling yourself over/through the lifelines. But the problem is real with or without a pfd. this is a key reason why I like dyneema lifelines, because you can easily cut them to climb back on board, and then just retie them again.
  4. When my mast came down, the SAR folks quickly cut my lifelines on the starboard side, and they also cut my tangled halyards and rod rigging. In all three cases they could have been saved with a little untangling. But I wasn't about to question them after just towing me in. So, I did the sensible thing and stripped the outer layer from my halyard and made lifelines for the starboard side. Good point is that if I fall overboard with my tether, I can cut the lifelines to crawl back on board. (If you read the adventure of falling overboard on a Mini you'll understand the need for this.)
  5. Thirty years ago I read John Hughes' book "The Sailing Spirit" and I said "I want to do that" Then 18 years ago I said to my wife, "you know, if I'm going to sail around the world, I'd better get a boat". I still haven't sailed around the world, but a guy can dream, can't he!
  6. Thanks for the nice comments. If you've read the study on SHTP racers in my singlehanded book you realize just how much of a role that lethargy plays. I faced this myself and realized that we need to do something about it. If proper meal planning can reduce lethargy but even just 5%, the overall results would be dramatic.
  7. After getting banged in the eye when gybing a spinnaker pole, I now only use safety glasses sun glasses, available at your favourite hardware store for under $20. And at that price I don't have to fret them falling overboard.
  8. This is an easy fix. Just cut off the bad patch, fold up the foot two times, and sew it closed. Then put in new clew and tack rings a little higher up than the existing ones, but still within the reinforced corners of the jib. These will need to be sewn in by hand with a heavy thread. Invest in an awl for the best performance. Sure it will shorten your sail by a few inches but won't make any difference to your sailing and you'll be good to go for another year or two. For the luff, just find a piece of sail cloth from another old sail and sew it over top. In reading SA over many year
  9. One of the things I realized is that nutrition and meal planning is a huge part of athletic performance that was not being covered for long distance sailors. Although there was some literature for ultramarathon runners, their major challenge is simply in-taking enough calories. But for singlehanded sailors it is more fatigue management. It has been said that the skipper who sleeps best, wins. This is why a few years ago I did a lot of research and wrote a complete paper on Meal Planning for Improved Performance in Long Distance Singlehanded Voyages. I actually consider this one of my
  10. It actually did go over the side a little later when the local tow boat towed me in. And because of all the rod rigging, it was sitting vertically in the water right next to my boat. When they sped up, it would get higher and higher in the water until I radioed them to slow down (it was completely dark by this time). I had to do this numerous times. It was based on this that in my book I made special note that as soon as your mast falls, you should immediately tie it securely in place.
  11. The government just announced a new tax of 20% of the retail price of a yacht over and above $250,000. So anyone buying a $1 million yacht will pay an extra $150,000. Thankfully, it's not something I'll ever have to worry about.
  12. I've had the bow of my Olson 30 underwater all the way past the mast on several occasions. It lets me dream I'm sailing in the Southern Ocean. This can be the result. But it's still more fun than staying at home to cut the lawn.
  13. I like at the start, when the sail starts to luff. He heads down rather than sheet in. This is the smart thing to do when singlehanding. In response to the question. When you Chinese gybe, the trick is to remember that what was your guy is now your sheet. So the only way to get out of it is to release this new sheet until the spinnaker is flogging in front of the boat. Then get the boat back upright and sailing downwind with the spinnaker still flogging. then pull in the new sheet on the pole side so that you are sailing with the pole on the leeward side, then gybe back over to the p
  14. Think of the most turbulent airplane 15 seconds you've ever experienced - for 3 months continuously.
  15. You might be onto something, but you will find that using English to describe something is going to be loaded with problems, it's why physicists use math when possible, it's less ambiguous. You seem to have a lot of knowledge of this area, and you clearly put in a lot of work on your paper, so I've no problem giving some running feedback as I read it. If you enjoy this, you might decide to jump into the ice-cold swimming pool and get your Physics Ph.D., so you can have all the tools at your disposal. "Empty space is not emptyā€¯ This was just bad use of words on my part. It shou
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