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  1. F-27 rudder fence also fixed ventilation caused by seagrass on the rudder (ICW - south Texas). In heavy weed areas without the fence, the rudder would load up and stall at speed - slowly rounded up no matter what you did with the sheets or tiller. With the fence, same conditions, ventilation down to the top of the fence - could clearly see the top of the fence if you crawled back there to look. Didn't get rid of the weed, but you didn't lose control. Weird thing to see, but the fence did its job 20 years ago. Don't know why it was such a revelation on SailRocket 2.
  2. Time for me to move on - my two S9s are now in Ottawa! Pretty sure the new owners will enjoy them as much as I did. Michele: good product - thank you for bringing the S9 to market.
  3. Thank you for posting! Why no jet ski/motor boat wakes?
  4. Jib was released at 2:00 - did that affect windward rotation?
  5. Closest to full foiler I could find: https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2005/corsair-f-31-1d-391-3465101/ PM me if you come to see it - it lives near me.
  6. The freestream option gave me warnings and conditions that made me uncomfortable. Will try it again tonight. Firefox, Mac.
  7. Found two options that worked: 1) My YouTube TV package includes NBC Sports. Live, can also be recorded. 2) Geospoofing the browser enabled YouTube. Don't know if #2 will continue to work - will find out tonight.
  8. How are you watching the live races? The only option I find is to pay ransom of $175 to NBC Sports. Hints for online video please?
  9. F-27 was pretty stable folded. Sprint 750 was ok. F-25C much less stable than the other 2. All were much better with mast down. I think the ends of the beams were about 11ft above the water on the 27. (This may be your limiting factor.) Pretty sure others here can give you more accurate info. Please, post pics when you go!
  10. If you are fortunate enough to have a leeward beach, you pull up all foils and wands, sit on the bow and sheet in the main - boat backs down onto the sand nicely. Lift the stern and drag the boat onto the beach, or add your wheels. Would not try this in waves or on really hard-packed sand. Nothing new here - just don't kick the foils. Use carpet scraps, tubular fenders, noodle floats, or old ship hawsers to help keep the ends from too much wear. Again - nothing new here. Care must be exercised when moving the boat backward - don't think the flaps would be too happy should they
  11. Michele: In order of creation, I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc6p181TWyk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q3snyPWs3I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zwSAkdFl5Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s87C6amAnA Martin has more videos. I haven't watched these in awhile. I look really clumsy. Embarrassing. Nah - not really embarrassed. All for fun. I do laugh at myself when I watch them, though.
  12. September 2018: I towed a modified S9 and a UFO from Texas to Miami. Martin purchased the UFO from me. We sailed the UFO, Martin's Whisper, and the S9 all around Biscayne Bay. A well-sailed Weta joined us. We swapped boats, crews, and sailing stories for a few days. Great food, good company, terrific experience. First 40 seconds or so I am sailing the S9 and Martin and crew Alec are on the Whisper. Later it's Martin on the S9 and me sailing with Alec on the Whisper. The S9 is equipped with a bow-spreader bar to support the pole for a code Zero (not used in this video). Furling
  13. Ok, perhaps we need to move some posts to a new thread: 2020 A-Cat development (or similar) Back on track: 4-year S9 ownership report: (Skipper report for reference: Hobie Trifoiler, Windrider Rave, GC 32 (passenger), S9, UFO, Whisper, potful of other multihulls. I'm not a great sailor - club hack at best, but I get a kick out of sailing anything different. ) S9s number 08 and 09 showed up in March of 2016 - they live on a central Texas lake with clear water and puffy, inconsistent wind. We trained about 25 skippers on these boats - videos of our successes and
  14. I bought two of these Trailex A-Cat trailers in Ohio. Great product, but I don't think it will be economically efficient to ship them to you.
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