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  1. I have owned a Farr 30 and a Henderson 30 and my favorite boat of all time is the Farr 30. It is a great boat. Outboard is peace of mind and a lot easier on your back moving an outboard from transom to down below. It was always a challenge doing it will heeled over. Runners are a pain on the Hendo. It gives a crew member another job, but one of the most important. The Farr is much easier to drive then the hendo. The rudder shape is much better. You could easily man handle the rudder to get the boat to go where you wanted it too. The hendo no way and I had a M32 rudder on it. The Farr 30 you
  2. Why so many Hendos for sale??? 4 or 5 in the classifieds.... what’s going on???
  3. This is a better deal... https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/1998-sydney-36/
  4. Tell the broker to remove the listing... https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2008/columbia-30-sport-sailor-3252238/
  5. Peacefrog- I bought SOCA from them. I need to quickly switch to 155% for light stuff. I sold the boat years ago and it is in Montana.
  6. Hawk, Paul Amon built a few boats like this. The problem is rig would need to get taller like what Melges did with 32 for conversion from 30.
  7. I don't believe any modifications were needed, but ask Bill F.
  8. Can also use the propane outboard.... works well with limit ventilation the motor well has... mine was on the transom....
  9. Savage 17


    Waterline isn't cheap, but you do get a little ROI or makes it easier to sell the boat with one vs not having one.
  10. Like I mentioned before I will start talking with my crew and see what they are willing to do... maybe we will do both, however very doubtfull. We do have a class legal main however it has seen many a better day. It would need some rework as it's our "heavy weather main" haha and ends up getting reefed and flogged alot... infact about a month ago we were doing a regatta where we didn't see below 20kts of wind an entire day! Needless to say we are now an A2 short haha! Hendo30chick would you guys be willing to drag your boat down? If that is the case and Eerie you drag your boat down that wou
  11. The boat shines in the light stuff. With overlapping headsail and large SA to displacement. The medium air can be challenging, but once you reach planning wind speed you can do quite well, Like any sportboat medium air displacement mode is its weak spot.
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