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  1. Jim, Boat is moving along quickly!! Please keep us posted. Hopefully Kevin can start posting more regularly.
  2. Jim, Thanks for the info. Is the 20ft boat designed as kit boat? Like the i-550? The i-550 i can order pre cut-out panels and have them shipped to me for final assemble? Racer/Cruiser have a much bigger audience, first time I have ever seen it done with a 20ft. GP-26 - I feel alot of people like the boat, but aren't going to spend the money on the boat until more are built and racing. How are more going to get built? I know great pricing always works. It is really a tough sale with the boat being a one -off like a MORC or IMS boat currently. The more information you can publish to the
  3. Looks good Jim. Please keep us posted. Did you make any progress with finding a builder for the USA GP26? Last you posted you were talking with Betts?
  4. Email me for pictures. I have used all different types of non skid and kiwigrip is the easiest to work with. The product goes on easy and you can make it as agressive as you want it to be. I did my Olson 30 in 1 day. That included taping. Make sure you peel the tape as you go.
  5. Kevin, I would highly recommend Kiwigrip!!! It is the easiest non skid product to use. I love it.
  6. Maxluff: I see a N/M 1200 is now for sale on Yachtworld. It would rate very close to your new ride. http://yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_boat...475&slim=quick& And 7 1D35 for sale http://yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/p...&toPrice=&cint=
  7. For that matter, check out SA classified used boat listings. Here are 2 boats that would be a good choice for GMORA: The Henderson 30. The Mumm 36. maxluff, I'm now dealing with the same situation as you in RI. USA 62 puts me in A class, but it looks like A class is going to only have 5 boats. (2 Ben 40.7, 2 Ben 36.7 and J-105). USA 62 will have me at scratch boat with the Benny 40.7. B class has 13 boats, but the scratch boat is 102. So, I would owe them 51 seconds a mile if they moved him up (Cork 1720). A Class used to have: Mumm 36 (Sold) Rumor 1D35
  8. How about these boats for racing against the new ILC 40? Who is going to step up? N/M 43 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...566&slim=quick& CML 1200 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...475&slim=quick& 1D35 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...403&slim=quick& N/M 50 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...347&slim=quick& N/M 43 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...892&slim=quick& N/M 36 http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_...274&slim=quick&
  9. The Quantum Van will have Quantum all over the sides of it. Did it have a RI plate? I know Will is up in ME this weekend. He is moving USA 62 to RI on Monday for me.
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