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  1. Party Piedy. 22 foot Townson, almost the same hull shape as a Starling.
  2. We know now who asked for this interpretation. But is the leech a local hollow, or is the batten a local distortion?? I reckon the latter. https://docs.google.com/a/acofficials.org/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=YWNvZmZpY2lhbHMub3JnfGFjMzYtb2ZmaWNpYWwtbm90aWNlYm9hcmR8Z3g6NmIxY2IxMDZiMzkxOWYyOQ
  3. LR on the move, currently over Sumatra. Looks like heading for Surabaya like Ineos did.
  4. Red woollie sucking into a gap, or trapped between two touching skins?
  5. Bondy brought 20,000 acres and built Yanchep Sun City. It was Southern Cross training base and was going to be where the AC would be held once she won.
  6. So that would be, leaving HNL 25 hours from now, arriving AKL 10.5 hours from now. That would be warp speed.
  7. The 49er and FX gold fleets have their last 2 Finals races at 1030 straight off Kohi and Takapuna respectively. (30 minute races) Then the top 10 of each go in to their medal race, 20 minute race. Medal races are all even closer in to Kohi, 49ers at 1355, FX at 1440 and Nacra at 1525. Would be great to see an AC style spectator fleet there.
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