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  1. All true. I sailed on the boat for a MORC Midwinters at Davis Island. Boat had a huge rig, but was too heavy. The owner who did the mods was a very capable Construction Contractor. I recall he poured the Glen Henderson keel himself. The replacement deck & deckhouse where the source of a significant amount of the weight problem. Rather than molding a cored deck, he built a plywood deck & house that were glassed inside & out. And you know how a 7.9 squats at the stern when up to speed? The closed transom of the original design keeps the water from tumbling into the cockpit. Not
  2. There is only a single photo and a couple of clews, but if It's an over built, flush deck, Kaufman 46, I think I sailed the Super Mac (Chicago to Port Huron) on it in 1985 (?). Respite, owned by Bruce Ohmart, a surgeon out of Alpena, Michigan was campaigned on the Great Lakes in the mid eighties. She had a flush deck, finished in teak, with a slick halyard pit right behind the mast. The boat was as overbuilt and stiff a boat as I'd every sailed. Looks like the old Respite to me.
  3. There's a good reminder of the Audi / Lancia battle here, with a little Jeremy Clarkson humor:
  4. My brother & I drove the family's '74 Vega Hatchback, Manual three speed, Yellow, through our high school careers. It went to the junkyard the week I left for college - 1982, rusted to the point of no return, with 40k on the odometer.
  5. From back before there were drones... Kiwi mini-ton sailing MORC on Lake Erie in 1991.
  6. The Silver Lobo was a Riechel Pugh 42. Raced against her on the Great Lakes in late eighties / early nineties. There was a Graham & Schlageter 3/4 ton called Lobo that preceded her.
  7. Hot Flash, sailed by George & John Uznis out of Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit. IOR One ton (27.5) by Gary Mull. I lost a lot of races to that boat in my youth.
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