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  1. Sexy time while sailing is what it’s all about! However me thinks it’s more about the wood that you carry between your legs that is of upmost importance, and not of the quality of veneers down below!
  2. Why do you think the bridge deck has to be any heavier on a biplane cat than on a Proa? Seems like they can both be built to a minimum of two beams and some netting. If that’s the goal. Also, I feel like the “hole” you speak of is much more like between 80 and 110 or so. If I were to need to reef while sailing upwind, I put a reef in each sail, to keep the drive consistent in each hull. Will it tack with only one sail up? Only if it’s blowing pretty hard and we have lots of way on. On one trip across the sea of Cortez, I reefed by taking one sail completely down, while sailing downwind (1/2
  3. Nice! Now this is as close to a Gyrocopter Proa smashup I’ve seen yet! Trippy things, those Flettner rotors. welcome to the fold. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flettner_rotor
  4. The latest greatest ion sail drive Gyrocopter Proa! Clearly the best Proa for everything. Everywhere. prove me wrong!!!
  5. Here’s a 3 day delivery trip. Seems to sail... ok. Bit of a junk show on deck, but it’s only 20g.
  6. Guvacine- Fuck off you asshat! My interest is sailing multihulls. I’ve sailed my cat over 50,000 miles. Also, I almost bought KleenBreeze, a 20 meter HarryProa inspired design. I spent a couple thousand dollars to fly to Portugal to look at her. This makes me a troll? I don’t think so. ok I get it. You, and some others, don’t like Rob Denney. Fair enough. I won’t mention him again. (It’s not like I was messaging the guy, telling him to chime in on a Proa thread). From now on, I’ll just give my opinion, about what I like/dislike about boats based on my experience.
  7. Not trolling. Not trying to start any shit fights. I’ve stated this before... I think the HarryProa concept makes a lot of sense. I think that Rob could add to the conversation...if you let him. It’s that simple. I think he should buy an add here if he’s attempting to sell his designs through his posts. But, even if he did that, I don’t think that the Rob hating gang would change. Carry on. This is some good Gyrocopter shit!
  8. Ok. You got me. I’m just praying that we can talk boats.
  9. What an awesome contribution to the thread, Guvacine! Thanks for sharing your brilliance! And the same to you, Autonomous... when trying to be clever, putting others down by rewording a quote, it helps to know the difference between prey and prey. And while I don’t agree with everything he says, at least Rob attempts to add to the conversation with his experiences, which I can only imagine, is a hell of a lot more extensive then either of you two asshats. Why don’t you go beat your chest somewhere else? You must gave a proud boy meeting to attend to soon?
  10. Oh I see. Thanks for adding to the conversation. Really brilliant input.
  11. SOS? I don’t understand? care to explain?
  12. It’s too bad this discussion is happening in a thread titled Gyrocopter. And for the record, I personally would like to see HarryProa Rob involved, or dare I say ALLOWED, to participate in this interesting conversation about Proas. (With out being cut to pieces). I believe his HarryProa concept has a lot of merit. But, I must say, I’ve never sailed on a Proa. I’ve been on the 20m HP called Kleen Breeze, but I’ve never sailed one. Nor can I do the fancy maths necessary to prove any point. I love conversations handled “in the most rational, objective way I can devise”. I know some
  13. Proas and this crazy Gyrocopter makes sense to my pea brain.
  14. HarryProas have the living “pod” to windward.
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