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    "On the Hard" because I hardly ever sail anymore. I'm like that old Cal 29 that has been sitting on jack stands for the last 4 years in the back of the boat yard.

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  1. For about a year I was in a bible study with David Robinson (post-retirement). He is the real deal. As authentic as they come. He has been hugely successful in retirement as well. In a world where so much is done for appearances sake, it's nice to see someone at his level who is unapologetically exactly who he proclaims himself to be.
  2. I used to spend a week every summer with my Mom doing archeological field schools with the Texas Archeological Society. It was all native American stuff, but still pretty cool. It did tend to get a little hot though!
  3. I watched/listened to a few seconds of the second video and the douche actually said that his favorite thing about the house, "was its ability to change the world" Presumably he means in a positive way??? WTF
  4. Other than golf and tennis, which are of course individual sports, I've noticed that my sports watching is way down. It finally dawned on me how ludicrous it was that I was getting a vicarious thrill (or getting bummed) watching a bunch of people I don't know play a sport, ostensibly for a team related to me geographically. Even at the college level, they all recruit the athletes nationally. It really doesn't make a difference what jersey they are wearing. And it really doesn't have a damned thing to do with me. Part of this attitude is no doubt related to the fact that the Spurs suck no
  5. On The Hard


    chick at the end looks like she has a nice rack! I wouldn't have minded a couple more seconds
  6. Corpus Christi has a naval air field not too far from the airport. I think a Continental 737 landed there by mistake once. They had to bus everyone off to take off again because the runway was too short. (They aren't as close as this looks...)
  7. I caught the tail end of the age when people used to dress to fly. Now it seems like a contest to see who can look the absolute shittiest. Unless I'm flying to the desert in the summer, I always wear a blazer. When I'm on vacation and it's cool enough to justify a light coat or sweater, I just wear the blazer instead. People generally treat me well. I dress as a sign of respect to those that I'm going to encounter that day. People in the service industry seems to appreciate that. Dressing better than the occasion requires has never let me down.
  8. I will eat raw if that's what's offered but there's nothing better than a well fried oyster. Then you get all of the baked oysters, Rockefeller Casino, Florentine, even garlic butter, etc. All are better than raw IMHO. Although, there was that time when we were cruising the San Juan's and had raw ones at Wescott Bay Oyster Co. Even raw they were good beyond belief
  9. not sure this qualifies as Country, but I've always loved this song
  10. I have no explanation as to why it took me so long to click on that link. Great Music My soon to be son in law, who has been sober for years, would agree with the sentiment!
  11. DEFINITELY NOT A MUSCLE CAR! Have to put that out there or deal with some obnoxious replies. Probably will anyway..... But three years ago I bought a 4 cyl Mustang with a turbo and 6 speed manual. It's an absolute blast to drive and will get 30mpg at 80. I don't need anything more than that
  12. I miss when people who disagreed about politics could still be friends. My parents turned that into an art form. I've managed several, but it is harder these days
  13. International? My Grandfather had one. He was a civil engineer and needed to go some rugged places
  14. So if some lady describes me as only "Average" I can safely say, yeah, but in a 100 years they will consider me HUGE!
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