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  1. I work for a financial planning firm and we have a specialist we bring in to talk with clients when they retire or want help evaluating plans. You really DO need an independent agent because different plans are better depending on personal circumstances, drug needs etc. Someone who can represent multiple carriers can figure out the best outcome. I'm assuming your friend isn't indigent or, as noted above, this would be a Medicaid case. The key take away from my conversations is that Medicare Advantage plans are like HMO's. Very affordable (or even free) but severely limited choices in doct
  2. On The Hard


    Just in case it hasn't been posted before...
  3. This thread has a lot of great shit in it. Also a lot of boxes with a small question mark in the center. Anyone else having that issue. Thanks for the humor. Great stuff
  4. apparently if you want great service you have to give Jake from State Farm free steaks or pizza...
  5. It was honestly one of the funniest things I've ever read on this site.
  6. Cybill Shepperd back in the day was all that... I'm old enough to remember when "The Last Picture Show" came out, but not old enough to have seen it in the theaters.
  7. This girl could use a plate of enchiladas or two. I'm available. I care about hunger issues..
  8. Apparently the NBA isn't to happy with it either...because we all give a damn what the NBA thinks....
  9. Shrimp cakes. Like crab cakes, only made with finely chopped shrimp. It's a bitch to get it to hold together, but seriously tasty
  10. I think a few of our SA brethren can relate! (631): I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU STUCK YOUR DICK IN CRAZY!
  11. (405): Double high-fived his wife and her sister on the way out. If I'm not the best mistress ever tell me how.
  12. I have charcoal at the lake house and I always augment with seasoned oak. In town, I have a Big Green Egg which is nice but takes a while and has a small cooking surface, and a Green Mountain (similar to Traeger) The Green Mountain gets hotter and is convenient as an alternative to a tasteless gas grill. TBH I haven't done a low and slow on it yet. Not sure why. SO I can't comment on the level of smoke. But it does make a killer burger as well as doing a fine job on grilled chicken, etc. Kind of a bitch to clean though. If you are serious about a Traeger, look at Green Mountain al
  13. I was in Madrid a couple of years ago and there was a version of Tanqueray that isn't available in the US. I wish I could remember the name. It was, without a doubt, the best Gin and Tonic I've ever had. For those that favor Schweppes to Canada Dry, I completely agree. If I can't find Schweppes (glass 6 pack, not the liter bottles) I buy Fever Tree, but never Canada Dry or Grocery store brand. Not a fan of Hendricks in a G&T. Beefeater, regular Bombay, Tanq, even Gordon's make a very respectable and affordable G&T. The St. Georges are expensive but nice. Three distinct flavor pr
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