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  1. ^^ this ^^ We have a fitted pad on top of our top opening refrigerator (ice box conversion). It is a piece of closed cell sleeping (3/8”) pad foam trimmed to fit between the fiddles and the bulkhead. We covered with white vinyl from the remnants section of a fabric store. Folded over and white duct tape across the bottom seams. Light enough that I just lift it with the lid when going in for a beverage. Easy enough to slip off onto the adjoining settee when getting more serious loading or removing meal ingredients. We have found this makes a difference and had similar on our last icebox only bo
  2. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to confuse with that picture of my v-drive. Was just commiserating with the sometimes hassle of pulling some parts. I did mention that the OP shouldn’t have the same flange problem on his 27’er. I do agree with all the recommendations to fix it on the boat wherever possible.
  3. If routing/milling with the finished face up, use a down spiral bit. If only a straight bit is available, apply masking tape firmly along the tool path and cut through that.
  4. ^^^ Couple of days anyway. Not something that is done repeatedly. - get a puller to have on hand and lots of ways to lube it up. This is backwards from what you have on the Cat27 as it is a V drive.
  5. The improvement over the Bruce may be partly due to the 5kg weight increase. Weight may also be repositioned. The Bruce would sometimes dig in with only 1 fluke fully covered. Could see it pretty well at our local sand (mostly) bottom anchorage. Did haul up a 8” round boulder once on the Bruce there on a crowded day when we were farther out. Glacial erratics I think.
  6. We moved from a 15Kg Bruce to a 20kg Rocna Vulcan this past season. Gave the Bruce to a dockmate. There were a number of Bruce’s for sale online (and for long times) and it was easier than getting guys to maybe come to the marina to look at it. Chose the Vulcan based partially on some of Steve’s work, and from feedback from other Niagara 35 owners who have used for a number of years. it also fits well next to the rod bobstay on our boat. The Bruce needed some turning to get it inside when hauling or outside when launching. The deep shank curve makes the difference in keeping the flukes
  7. wick


    We started using a Hario Skerton this year. Can grind coarse for the French press and fine enough espresso for the Nanopress.
  8. wick


    Start here for 4 parts on Aeropress by someone who goes deep on all things coffee
  9. If entering and exiting Canada is not an option, how about the Erie Canal from Buffalo and exit at Rochester? Would require dropping the mast. Not sure where on Lake O you will be home porting.
  10. Would System 3 WR-LPU work for this? Not sure of its performance if immersed
  11. Add www.jaspermarine.ca Heard about them somewhere here on SA.
  12. MC shipped some G10 sheets to me in ON in Feb. They are (were)also one of our main parts suppliers at the museum I was working at until it closed due to C19 last year.
  13. It can flash off pretty fast in a roller tray so we use sauce type squeeze bottles to apply to 4” rollers over a small tray. Helps conserve material. We did a 35’ with 2 cans in 1 1/2 hours last week including taping. Working steady but not busting ass. Was around 16C. Have never wiped it down with solvent yet. Marina power washes on haul out from Lake Ontario and it is usually very clean. Be careful and stay out of the wind when adding the copper to the liquid.
  14. ^^^^ from above link comparing the 2 materials. UHMWP - “it is does not absorb water readily”...and...”It is also very resistant to moisture” Acetal - ”and with low moisture absorption, molded acetal parts can perform reliably in environments that experience humidity changes.” So is there really measurable difference? They don’t quantify any absorption rates or dimensional changes.
  15. Safe Harbor Haulers Eric@SafeHarborHaulers.com<mailto:Eric@SafeHarborHaulers.com> Cell (413)822-2224 Fax (413)961-0786 Jeez man, you sure you want to recommend someone that you “sued”?
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