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    We started using a Hario Skerton this year. Can grind coarse for the French press and fine enough espresso for the Nanopress.
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    Start here for 4 parts on Aeropress by someone who goes deep on all things coffee
  3. If entering and exiting Canada is not an option, how about the Erie Canal from Buffalo and exit at Rochester? Would require dropping the mast. Not sure where on Lake O you will be home porting.
  4. Would System 3 WR-LPU work for this? Not sure of its performance if immersed
  5. Add www.jaspermarine.ca Heard about them somewhere here on SA.
  6. MC shipped some G10 sheets to me in ON in Feb. They are (were)also one of our main parts suppliers at the museum I was working at until it closed due to C19 last year.
  7. It can flash off pretty fast in a roller tray so we use sauce type squeeze bottles to apply to 4” rollers over a small tray. Helps conserve material. We did a 35’ with 2 cans in 1 1/2 hours last week including taping. Working steady but not busting ass. Was around 16C. Have never wiped it down with solvent yet. Marina power washes on haul out from Lake Ontario and it is usually very clean. Be careful and stay out of the wind when adding the copper to the liquid.
  8. ^^^^ from above link comparing the 2 materials. UHMWP - “it is does not absorb water readily”...and...”It is also very resistant to moisture” Acetal - ”and with low moisture absorption, molded acetal parts can perform reliably in environments that experience humidity changes.” So is there really measurable difference? They don’t quantify any absorption rates or dimensional changes.
  9. Safe Harbor Haulers Eric@SafeHarborHaulers.com<mailto:Eric@SafeHarborHaulers.com> Cell (413)822-2224 Fax (413)961-0786 Jeez man, you sure you want to recommend someone that you “sued”?
  10. Contact https://www.zephyrwerks.com The best sheaves. Send Ed an email with the same info and pics as your post above and include dimensions of everything you can measure, including halyard diameter.
  11. Need to make up a some dividers for a freezer section in the fridge box. Any experience with laminating G10 (1/32”) to pink or blue foam board? I am thinking the G10 will give a smooth hard surface, without having to fair or gel coat a fibreglass cloth wrap. Scratch up the mating surfaces for some tooth, and layup with epoxy. Would edge the panels first, then face both sides. Lay in a fillet of caulk or thickened epoxy to inside corners. Any other ideas or pointers? Expansion/contraction issues? Bill
  12. Thanks for this view. Had fun poking around there on Google Earth after reading your post. Read the subject line again and realized you didn’t say “20 REASONS” . Seems there are only two. Islands and water.
  13. Super line honours for Charlie. A race so well sailed.
  14. I pushed a Zoom meeting from 1pm to 3 pm. Just told them I was not available.
  15. Have used ST2000 in Georgian Bay and North Channel (islands and confined channels) a lot. I think you just want to use course mode not wind mode in near channel conning situations. As Zonker suggested, just trim, ease, or +/- buttons on the TP as required in flukey gusts. We have sailed a 26’ the length of Lake Ontario (150nm) with Navionics on an iPhone after our Garmin276CX was fried in a lightning strike. Funny that the TP survived. Open water and channels (Bay of Quinte). Navionics might work well for you. Only referring to it periodically. Keep your eyes up and out. Keep the phone in a p
  16. Thanks for that link. I had not gone looking for individual blogs., till now...
  17. Certainly looking ahead, while valuing the experience behind.
  18. See post 7637 above ^^^. Rudder problem
  19. Thanks for translating this. Some really good insights there. JLC doesn’t owe anything to anyone.
  20. I believe that is the reaching strut he is going out on. Horizontal. Funny camera angle.
  21. Yup, we were all whining about those waves in the boot stripe. No one wanted to mention it...LOL I don’t think we noticed any waves stripes. Beautiful schooner. Where built in the PNW?
  22. Thank goodness for this. King Jean pays it backwards and forwards. What a seaman. Going to be wired thinking about this for a few more hours!!
  23. “Race Direction of the Vendée Globe alerted MRCC Cape Town and CROSS Griz Nez who have been collaborating in a rescue operation.” Any chance of South African SAR fixed wing orbiting with flares to light the area to assist surface search? There was a mention upthread that mentioned Hercules C130. Sometimes illumination just helps keep up motivation and spirits of searchers and those at risk. Not sure of the cloud ceiling out there and life of dropped illumination flares in 25 knot winds.
  24. Rescue Co-ordination Centers will stack up as many standby vessels as available for backup.
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