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  1. is this a question about winch replacement? Then simply replace them. Or do you want to make a change?
  2. Just watch out for falling Long March 5B pieces....
  3. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/multiple-people-injured-after-vessel-overturns-in-point-loma
  4. https://www.hagerty.com/media/automotive-history/henry-ford-introduced-40-hr-work-week/
  5. Maybe they can have gathering at the four seasons to distribute the cards...oh, wait that's just the 5G nanobots talking...ignore this post...
  6. Oh, I thought someone said chicken tax....maybe it's just the voices...
  7. ExOmo


    For sure. But not so sure about the acid part...I'll leave to others experience to vouch for that.... https://www.nesdis.noaa.gov/content/von-kármán-vortices-form-guadalupe-island
  8. The 'new' travelers are pretty nice....maybe time to consider an upgrade...
  9. Well this is Sailing Anarchy.
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