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  1. They accuse others of wanting to do what they, themselves want to do.
  2. Whatever. Coal is dead. Get over it.
  3. Nope. It's almost all hydro where I live. There's also bit of wind and solar for good measure. That said, your comment is a distraction from my point, which is that dwindling coal demand was easily predictable several decades ago. Kinda like oil now.
  4. If only there was some way they could have known that the demand for coal would be reduced over time.
  5. The party of "free thought and debate" has also recently introduced 71 state and federal anti-protest laws. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/12/republicans-push-anti-protest-laws-blm-demonstrations
  6. This is why Republicans keep saying that increasing unemployment benefits will create an entitled citizenry that doesn't want to work. It's because this is who *they* are.
  7. However it's done, the entire world needs to be vaccinated, and very quickly. If that doesn't happen - nevermind the untold death and misery - the virus will probably mutate into something that's not stopped by the vaccines, and we will have to start this thing all over again.
  8. Has the US reached herd mentality yet?
  9. I am a fan of Norris. I just picked George because he's already in the Merc pipeline.
  10. But wait, I thought the NY Times was failing.
  11. I was a Bottas fan at one point. Now I think the need to get him out of that seat. Somebody has to challenge Hamilton - let Russell have a go.
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