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  1. It came from the local North loft.
  2. .... says the guy who is part of the outrage-machine over a NASA-produced kids video. Seriously, don't you have something more important to do? Like organize an insurrection after Trump loses the 2024 election?
  3. Stop with the semantics. NASA has it's only budget and it's own decision making process. NASA created this video, not the Biden/Harris administration.
  4. I agree that a coverup should never happen.
  5. Clearly this happened *because* of the bathroom policy. That boy was perfectly behaved and would never have assaulted anyone had he not been allowed in there.
  6. This entire thread is whataboutism. You led with a title that includes "Trump-hater" in it. That's clearly a lame attempt to distract from the other treasonous acts the Trump-lovers have committed, especially the ones leading up to and including Jan 6. If you had just started a thread about someone attempting to sell military secrets, I don't think you'd get much disagreement that it's treason.
  7. You do realize that NASA is not the current administration, right?
  8. How to be a Republican (these days): 1) stop publishing platforms, since your policies are not popular enough to win the vote of the people 2) gerrymander, lie and cheat your way to an election win, since your policies are not popular enough to win the vote of the people
  9. God tried to provide. She refused the assistance.
  10. Sub poena = under penalty
  11. If they are held accountable the history books will call it a failed insurrection. If they aren't, history books will call it a dry run.
  12. I already explained this for you. But let me break it down again one more time. Leaving Afghanistan was messy. It was always going to be messy (which is why TFG and The Prior Guy didn't leave). What made it as bad as it was, was when Pompeo, working in the Trump administration, negotiated *with the Taliban* about how and when they were going to leave. That left the existing (at that time) Afghanistan government without any negotiating cards. None. Trumpy and co left them out to dry. *That's* why the country fell to the Taliban so quickly. It's because of Pompeo and Trump. Those two
  13. Such a great businessman.
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