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  1. Your reading that wrong. Order of starts on yachtscoring
  2. Where do you find that information? J44 is significantly faster than navy 44’s and I assume all the 44’s are asyms on prod now? I like class splits by boat type but not sure how you could do that in ORC 3
  3. Indeed!!! And another J44 in class 4 that’s should bump up. 120’s seem to do very well(looking at previous results) is one of the aerodynes a shoal draft? Big difference in ratings
  4. A lot of boats in that 560-580 range, including us. Looks to be a big Mix of J boats in one class with couple misfits and. 44vs120vs121. Horses for courses. I think 580-5 and up will be fast class of Friday starters. I also saved and been playing with it as entries came in. Will adjust now to your thought of 10 per class
  5. What boat? It was broken down in that scratch sheet they accidentally emailed out last month
  6. A lot of money for a boat that needs an entire sail inventory!
  7. Agree on trials. Are your syms built to 3.05j? If so, makes sense that rating doesn’t change much I only did 4 trails as we don’t carry a zero and are an upwind/ downwind machine so need sym to cover our time on rating. Hourses for courses And of course, none of this matters if you can’t sail your boat to high polar percentage offshore for 2+days.
  8. Interested in any 3000 displays? I know I have two 30/30’s and some Ffd’s. Upgraded to 5000 a few years back. If your interested I will open the box and see what’s left
  9. Interesting. Seems like your CO is penalized the most. What is the boat? Are you running those a sails off CL, J length pole or separate sprit?
  10. Thank You. We have the BI/Newport region covered as it’s our hone waters and we get in multiple races a year around BI all the nooks of the Chesapeake is concerning. I am sure there are area where you throw out the tide book and use local knowledge Does it become more straight forward once you get near the entrance and close to the turn left?
  11. The top 2 29’s in the country leave a 5 gallon(full) tank all the way forward of v berth and run the hose aft.
  12. EMail the owner of wicked. HIs boat is sitting, not far from you, on it's 3 axle trailer. It has been delivered up and down the east coast the past 5+ years Just under 4k is what I paid for similar sized boat from Mass to RI. This was with the driver having a confirmed return delivery to make it a roundtrip.
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