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  1. Definitely didn’t see that. I did. Notice the Cookson 50 that fell over is now your for sale too!
  2. I knew Grundy moved on but haven’t seen the boat pop up anywhere since it left FL
  3. New rig or someone buy it and bastardize a rig from something? how bad was damage? Didn’t look like much structural damage in the stern from the fall. I am interested if owner has got cold feet on racing her
  4. Anyone know where this boat ended up? After falling off cradle in Lauderdale I lost track of it.
  5. Look forward to seeing that! John is a great guy and will get you sorted.
  6. You will need to fil this out and they will assign you a rating. I don't think you will get anything until March/April of next season https://charlestonoceanracing.com/images/Documents-2021/PHRF_rating_application-2021_1.pdf Pursuit course is fun but certainly favors one end of your class due to tides. I have been on both ends of this over the years!
  7. Desirable single aft cabin with two heads layout
  8. Don’t waste your time!! If you have the crew, like sport boats and can hike hard, buy a 32’ They have kicked ass for years and those boats can’t even finish top half in a 1D fleet in USA! Ask Sergio in PR. He was the top dog and could do well against one design boats but chose to get a different boat
  9. I have always wanted one of these on east coast USA! Any for sale?
  10. I have lost to it and beaten it. It’s rated as the shoal draft but I have never seen it out of water. Very successful as long as you don’t go upwind. Boom length looks funky on that style/size boat. probably a great cruiser/racer on random leg courses
  11. Standard J pole with the asyms? area of s2 and a2 the same? How were you treated under rating rule with all those kites?
  12. Understand the thought, so what is the consensus on angle that it pays to fly sym over asym on displacement boat?
  13. Received a few questions from the listing It has the class designed rudder upgrade and a lewmar windlass
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