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  1. I was getting ready to type the same thing. It definitely sounds like the main is the issue. It's a big sail, but not so big that you can't just man-handle it across. Have the trimmer grab all the line in the mainsheet purchase at once (between the boom and the traveler) and pull it across during the gybe. That way you can control it coming across and it doesn't just slam over, but it's quick enough that it doesn't round you up being over-trimmed.
  2. Back to the outboard question - our bracket isn't very elegant, but it is simple and light. Of course we have the added hurdle of an extra rudder and the associated linkage to deal with. This obviously requires holes in the deck, but it works. Incidentally, we recently switched from a 6hp to a 3.5hp for our short weeknight trips to and from the racecourse. It's a good bit easier to wrestle with every week...
  3. Can't tell what you have going on at the top, but that part looks functional enough...
  4. The picture I’m looking at shows the yellow line running down. I’m thinking It should go up, through the ring on the backstay and then back down and through the block and clutch.
  5. The three yellow circles go to the same attachment point down low.
  6. I think you have it right on the ground there. I’d try the purchase and the two dyneema loops at the lower attachment on the transom. Then the yellow line runs up from the upper cascade, through the friction ring on the runner and back down to the block and forward through the clutch.
  7. Not sure if the geometry will work out, but it looks to me like you run the yellow line through the ring on the standing end then down and through the clutch. Then pin the two dyneema loops and the purchase all to the same place at the transom. 2:1 on the coarse, and 16:1 cascade on the fine.
  8. What angles and pressures do you guys fly your Code 0's in? We have one distance race left for the season and it doesn't look like we'll need it, but you never know...
  9. We do have a dedicated main trimmer, yes. Both lines are for the traveler. I allows adjustment of the traveler without uncleating it on the other side of the cockpit.
  10. Gave the footrests a good workout in our last Tuesday night race of the season. Man - what a difference. Quite a bit easier to drive upwind when I'm not trying to stand on that little brace and cling to the side of the hull with one hand...
  11. We actually got the parts from Sailrite and then had a local welding shop put them together and make the mounting brackets.
  12. Another project ticked off. Disregard the dirt; we cleaned after we were done...
  13. Yes - we had 2 tacklines originally, but have only rigged 1 so I had an extra hole in both ends of the pole. Here's a rough diagram. You get the idea...
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