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  1. Back to the original question; its a beautiful piece of cabinetwork and a joy to appreciate. Who gives a FF how it rated, or how it sailed or if it sailed in the Admirals Cup or not - just beautiful.
  2. Doug Booker built the original and Savage's built the 'glass versions. Jimney Cricket was the S&S quarter tonner which Doug built for himself. A couple of years ago tried to get info on the design from S&S Blog but nothing
  3. Savage Defiance 30 - think it was S&S. Def not S&S quarter tonner - i.e Jimney Cricket
  4. Finally someone who has seen the forest despite the trees - hooray! There's more than a dose on Youtube if you need a fix. I would only ask that the nightly news would give updates of races with maybe the odd clip. Much prefer to be out on the water myself
  5. Maybe we should all forget the last 26 pages of crap and look at the 1962 S2H "result". I quote from Kevin Burke's book "Man of Iron Boat of Steel" about the life and races of Solo. "The final celebrations were soured when it was revealed that Huey Long had flown to Launceston to inspect photos of Solo which suggested that she did not carry a dinghy on deck as required by the race rules. An objection was lodged with the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania by a third party (not a competitor). The Sailing Committee dismissed the objection later that night. Vic Meyer was reported......" Forgetting
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